DIY Fabric Valentine Postcards!

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DIY Fabric Valentines Tutorial from Man Sewing!

I’m a more sensitive guy than most of you would imagine. I can’t even count how many times I’ve watched a rom-com with my wife. Well, us sensitive guys know that no matter what your significant other might say, Valentine’s Day is not a holiday to be trifled with! In the past I’ve spent hours cruising the local shops, racking my brain, trying to find the perfect gift. But in my experience, something handmade and from the heart always does the trick. Then I realized I’ve already got the perfect idea!

DIY Fabric Valentines Tutorial from Man Sewing!

Be prepared this year with a gift that’s super easy, and super rad. Skip the greeting card aisle and sit down at your sewing machine to whip up a few fabric postcards! Even if your loved one is far away, these awesome fabric postcards can be dropped in the mail just like a regular letter.

Watch my Fabric Postcard Tutorial and see how easy it is to make a personalized card that will last for a long time! Start with your favorite fabric, add a few embellishments, and you’ve got a gift that will definitely win you some points this year. For the traditional cards, I used the Dear Heart collection by Studio E.

I use a fun technique here called “fussy cutting.” Basically, it means cutting your fabric in a way that shows off a special part of an illustration or motif. It’s perfect for these postcards!

DIY Fabric Valentines Tutorial from Man Sewing!

And check out this awesome “Zombie Love” fabric by Riley Blake Designs. Nothing says “I love you” quite like literally giving your heart to someone special. I think my kids will get a kick out of these!

DIY Fabric Valentines Tutorial from Man Sewing!

I hope you give these D.I.Y. Valentines a try and be sure to share yours with me on social media using #mansewing!

151 Replies to “DIY Fabric Valentine Postcards!”

  1. I would buy some templets I need for a new project! I lover your videos and keep them coming THANKS!! 🙂

  2. I would treat myself to something from my list of things I’ve liked for ages. Or I would really stock up on background fabric. Or both. Then I’d probably go ahead and throw in some batting and thread and backing, while I’m at it.

  3. I just loved your tutorial on the postcard! I cannot wait to find just right fabric to do mine! Thank you so much for the great ideas as always!

  4. I am looking for batik fabric and the charm packs are very attractive. I would get 2 or 3 packs including the Tigerfish Batiks Charm Pack.

  5. I’ve been wanting to do a fabric postcard. Valentine Day would be perfect to send one to alllll my guys! (Big Smile)

  6. I would buy something to make a special quilt for my sister to commemorate our mother’s life supporting us.

  7. I have lots of stuff in my wishlist that I would choose from to buy!! I’m addicted to that website!! I love it! 😀 lol

  8. I love MSQC and I would put the $25 to good use buying some awesome fabric to do a jazzed up quilt for my newest and only grandson!

  9. love the ideas from all and can’t say what I would do with the quilter’s cash as so many things come to mind

  10. I love Missouri Star Quilt Co. I look forward to the daily deal in my inbox every morning. It is one of the first things I look at. Also love Jenny’s Friday tutorials. I have a long wish list and would like the chance to win the Quilter’s Cash.

  11. I would love to buy some of the Zombie Love fabric, love the postcard idea! Would be great for my husband who loves the Walking Dead 🙂

  12. I’d like to make postcards and would buy novelty fabric to fussy cut plus background fabric. Love zombie love. Fun!

  13. Brilliant idea- I have 11 grandchildren and it will be soooo fun to send these out. I mean who doesn’t like mail in the mailbox right! Okay so how do you add the postage?

  14. Love the cards…Can make them for any occassion. Would bring a smile to my face if I got one in the post! Think I know some people who would like them too.

  15. Fabric! My oldest daughter has been really interested in sewing for the past 2 years. I love that she is so interested without being pushed. She would love some new fabric to create new stuff!

    1. I’d would also spend it on a tool or two (sunburst or large tumbler) to create more wonderful things. I’m just learning but sewing is such a stress relief for me.

  16. What a fun tutorial! I too see this as not just a special Valentine thing. Novelty fabrics abound…
    Thank you for the give-a-way opportunity!

  17. Ich liebe Mansewing, Rob lässt keine Langeweile aufkommen. Und ich liebe die Stoffe von Kaffe Fassett, die würde ich gern kaufen. Alle!

  18. I love your youtube channel! If I win $25 QC, I’d use it towards some templates and the layer cake paper piece sheets to use with my stash to make a cool scrappy quilt 🙂 thanks for this giveaway!

  19. Every morning when I wake up I check Missouri Star Quilt for the daily special and then I look to see if there is a new man sewing videos so I can watch it. What a great way to start the day!

  20. I love looking at the daily deal and watch weekly videos. I’d get fabric that’s new and springy for a favorite video.

  21. I would purchase myself some templates. I see all the beautiful quilts everyone is working on but don’t have the right tools. Rob, I like that you watch those movies with your wife. My husband called them “tear jerkers”. He recently passed away and I really miss him. He would always ask me “is that all you have to do?”. Meaning sewing and quilting. But, everyone he talked to he would brag about my work and how proud of me he was. He didn’t tell me that, but I heard him and most of the buddies he was talking to would tell me. And every time I went to a craft show or fabric store, he was with me.

  22. Its a shame that to be part of this give a way you need to be on Instagram and be able to Tweet. I visit you often on Facebook and use your tutorials to make beautiful items. I sure could use this to buy more fabric to make more of your great ideas. I so love your work and way of doing things so entertaining and informative. Thanks for letting me have a quick say here!!!

  23. I just got my husband interested in quilting, so I would let HIM choose what to buy…with gentle hints from me!

  24. I would put the gift card towards material I have wanting for the past 6 months. Just waiting for it to go on sale.

  25. That zombie ties in with the today’s mindset and is perfect! I love it. MSQ has a fabulous collection of everything and that $25 would be gone in a heartbeat.

  26. This is such a great idea! Thank you! We just moved across the country, so this would be a great way to share my new address with my quilter friends! If I won the money from the draw, I would use it to buy some charm packs to make a queen sized Dresden for my bed. I love the style and the first quilt I ever made is a bit too small for my bed, but that’s what’s on there right now!

  27. Thank you for postcard demo. Sending cards to grandkids soon. If I win, I would use the fabric for charity projects. My heart is for those in assisted living.

  28. I’d love to say I’d get something specific for a special project, but let’s be honest, I’d just get the next daily deal I fancied, plus five extra charm packs.

  29. I would buy a Jelly Roll that I love and make the butterfly quilt. I just love it. I would also throw in some of the thread cause I really like the thread.

  30. Always enjoy your tutes Rob even if they scare me bit my choice at MSQC would be a new ruler or maybe some threads or ok, you get the idea. Thanks for your contributions!

  31. I would buy more charm packs for my six year old granddaughter who just loves to sew them together on the new “small straight stitch only” sewing machine I got her for xmas

  32. i would pick out the most adorable baby fabric i could find. i just found out i am going to be a grandma and baby will need a quilt soon. and some of that zombie fabric—it is just so cute! i love your tutorials, please keep them coming

  33. These look so fun! I think I’m gonna make them for my hubby, kids and grandkids. Hope they come out as cute as yours did! If I were to win I’d just run right up to the store (I’m only about 25 miles away) and pick out some fabric to finish my hubby’s Christmas quilt. Yep, I’m a bit behind! 🙂

  34. Love the ideas – great way to send something special for grand kids and great grands – nice for kids well- even though grown — thanks for all new ideas for that special time really for any time

  35. For Christmas I received a quilting frame and machine. So, for starters, I would purchase thread for my new machine as well as backing fabric for the quilts I’m now going to quilt!

  36. I would love to get some solids, but I really want to complete my collection of MSQ templates, or maybe a fat quarter bundle or two………

  37. I want to make a Star Wars quilt for my sister’s birthday, I would use the quilter’s cash to get some fabric for it!

  38. Who knows what I would buy? Templates that I don’t already have? Fabric? Rulers? Wait on the daily deal where you can buy two? Decisions, decisions! LOL

  39. I would love to get fabric for my sisters quilt as this year I plan on doing one for her and her husband. They have been caring for our Mom.

  40. The stash, the stash, the stash. I’m always finding great projects to do using the stash when it’s yucky outdoors.

  41. Where to begin! I’ve only been quilting for 2 1/2 years so still working on building up my stash but rulers or patterns would be nice, too

  42. I would look for fabric for an American Cancer Society project (Relay for Life Walk). My team is making items to sell for fundraising. Cancer awareness fabric would be great (if available). Otherwise pink designs would work.

  43. Decisions, decisions;) Probably would add fabric to my stash or get the backing for a quilt I am in the process of making.

  44. I love everything at Missouri Star Quilt Company, I would buy fabric. I just love fabric and you can never have too much.

  45. I would use the quilters cash to help me purchase a quilt kit. I’m 74 and new to quilting so I don’t have a “stash” . . . . YET. I just completed the scrappy table runner using the Williamsburg Annabelle Fat Quarters and it turned out beautiful. Maybe one day, I’ll have enough scraps to really do a scrappy table runner. I love, love, love your tutorials and I think I’ve probably watched most of them. I have such a list of quilts I want to make based on your easy to follow tutorials.

  46. While in nursing school, I can’t afford to buy much fabric, but quilting is such a great stress reliever! I would spend the prize money on a few of Jenny’s Daily Deals.

  47. I would buy buy buy. Maybe something to add to the string 1/2 square triangle quilt at the top of my Too-Doo list

  48. I just love the precuts! I would love to buy some layer cakes and jelly rolls, cause they’re both fat free!!!

  49. I would love to buy some dark blue/ royal blue fabrics with some metallics in them. I am trying to do a galaxy theme for my son’s nursery.

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