Learn To Make Your Own Fabric Bowls with Rob Appell

Learn to make these fun fabric bowls!

A sewing machine is an remarkably versatile tool – don’t limit yourself to basic, flat projects!
My fabric bowl is like a 3-dimensional sculpture, and construction is simple with fabric scraps, cording, and a classic zigzag stitch. It looks great, is super useful, and makes a fantastic gift.

Rob Appell of Man Sewing Teaches you to make fabric bowls!

Click HERE to watch the tutorial!

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  1. Hi! You mention in the video that if you wanted to make a trivet you just would keep the rope flat rather than shaping into a bowl. I was thinking making some trivet sets might be a good way to practice the hardest part of the project prior to trying to make an actual bowl. Out of curiosity, how heat resistant would those be? Are we talking cups of coffee or full on pots and pans? Thanks!

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