Quilted Bag

Have you been following along with Rob’s free motion quilting tutorials? If so, we hope you have a huge stack of stitch-covered practice pieces.

But…what do you do with all those scraps? Don’t even think about throwing them away! Instead, transform them into a quick and easy tote bag that is super useful and totally unique. Click HERE to watch the tutorial.

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Circular Holiday Napkins Folded Into Trees

Make Napkins to Fold into Trees for the Holidays!

The holidays are fast approaching; time to prep for some good eats! You can make a great meal even more festive with Rob’s new Circular Napkins – we’ll even show you how to fold ’em up to like little Christmas trees!

Get the Free Printable for this project HERE.

Make Napkins to Fold into Trees for the Holidays!

Click on the image to watch the tutorial for this quick project that will make a big impact on your holiday table!

Make Napkins to Fold into Trees for the Holidays!

International Fairy Day!

We love to get crafty with the kids, it keeps their imaginations going and allows them to express themselves! (We also want them to love art as much as we do!)

Building Fairy Gardens

Well a few days ago it was International Fairy Day. My daughter loved it!!! My family has been working on Fairy Gardens as a summer project and having an International holiday to celebrate fairies was the cherry on top! I just got around to taking pictures, but aren’t they turning out pretty sweet? We can’t wait to get them finished and painted! We hear that if we build them, the fairies will swarm in! 🙂

Fairy Garden

I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures when we get them painted and put out! 🙂

Fairy Garden

On a side note, here’s a Chenille Quilt Tutorial I did using Fairy fabrics by Michael Miller! Happy International Fairy Day! (Even if I’m a little late) http://land.mansewing.com/chenille-quilting/?utm_source=mscom&utm_medium=lp&utm_campaign=tms04