About Rob & Man Sewing

Hi, I’m Rob Appell, host of Man Sewing.  I’m a guy with boundless energy and enthusiasm for life and creativity.  I love God, my wife, son and daughter. I enjoy waking up excited each day to see what lies ahead. I’m happiest when I’m outside or in my studio. I have been told that I inspire others and for that I feel very blessed.

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What is Man Sewing?  Well, I am a man who loves to sew and I’m proud of it.  I’m passionate about sewing and creativity and have a desire to teach, so I want to share my passion with you.  Is Man Sewing just for men?  Absolutely not.  I’m just a man who sews.  Join me every Monday for a new tutorial where we’ll use our hands, get covered in thread and create something completely new.  It’s going to be high voltage edu-tainment at its finest.  Where creativity meets caffeine.  Welcome to Man Sewing.best replica rolex
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