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  • Al Navas

    Hi, Rob. You don’t know me. But we have a mutual friend in Jenny Doan.

    You will find my blog highlight about the launch of Man Sewing, at:


    Al Navas
    Country Club, MO

    • mansewing

      Wow, thank you, @alnavas:disqus! Looks like you’re working on some awesome stuff!! Keep it up!

  • Guest

    could you help me out with your website? Where do I find your lecture and workshop information?

  • Tim Olmstead

    Does anyone know the best way to find local places where you can get fabric embroidered? I’m looking to have a monochromatic graphic be embroidered on to the pockets I am putting on kilts that I am making. Google searches don’t really show us much and mainly take me to pages for VERY expensive machines.

    • TwilightStormCrafts

      try searching for local quilting shops or sewing machine dealers in your area. We have a few in our area and you can often find people through them. good luck! Our Burnina dealer does custom embroidery, and also rents time on their machines.

  • Jane Coombs

    Whenever I have a difficult issue, such as getting holes drilled in the arm extensions fir my dh’ walker, I ask in the local section, in my case the Long Beach CA Facebook page. It works immediately.