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  • Patricia Kehrer

    Any chance Rob will visit upstate NY?

  • Sydna

    How do you signup for these events?

  • Merlene Teresky

    Santa Rosa Quilt Guild Feb. 2016

  • Barb Johnson

    Please consider coming to Quilt Canada for our Sesquicentennial in June. Its at the International Centre in Mississauga, ON right by the Airport. Quilters from across Canada will be making and contributing blocks to make quilts for Ronald McDonald House (by Sick Childrens Hospital). For the worlds largest quilting bee. Its also a National Quilt Show. Google CQA (Quilt Canada Association). If you are in the neighbourhood Dufferin Piecemakers guild meeting is the third Monday of the month in Orangeville, ON.

    • Gwen Beasant Deeley Ruby

      Yes it sure would be wonderful if we could get Rob to come to Canada to hold some retreats

  • Peggy Follador

    I would love to see you visit New England……. My family has been quilting since the early 1800’s…… and I am trying to carry on the family tradition!

  • Jodi Gittes

    What about the east coast?

  • Kathy Starling

    what about the Gulf of Mexico states?replica rolex

  • Carol Neumayer

    Do you ever visit the “Big Sky Country” of Montana? Would love to go to a show in Billings….

  • Cindy Holman

    I don’t even like Hawaii but would love to attend the “Quilt on the Beach”!

  • Penny Kress Zimmerman

    Definitely add Rob Appell to your quilting bucket list. Not only is he fun, he is very knowledgeable. He is there to help you learn new skills. I just attended his classes at MSQC and the whole group had a blast!