Reef Shark Applique Quilt

Hop into a time machine and travel back 400 million years. You won’t find humans or even dinosaurs that far back, but you will find sharks. Why have they lasted so long? Probably because they’re totally rad.

Man Sewing Shark Applique Quilt

Sharks have up to 3,000 razor-sharp teeth at a time, and when one falls out, it can be replaced in as little as one day. Their senses – sight, smell, and hearing – are insanely powerful, and they can even detect the electric charge of other living creatures.

They never stop swimming and they never really sleep, they just cruise through life like the undisputed kings of the sea. Click HERE to learn how to make an applique shark quilt that is least as awesome as those razor-toothed beasts!

Man Sewing Shark Applique

Rob’s intricate applique quilts are certainly a masterpiece, and we’ve put together a quilt kit to help you make you’re very own! Click the button below to check out the tutorial and shop supplies.

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A 5 Year Reflection

Rob with Coin

Wow, how quickly this past year has gone by. As I hit this next mile stone, five years without a drink, I look back and really need both hands to count all of the blessings.

In the past few months I have been reunited with my quilt “and the Flag was still there” – a quilt that I have donated to Operation Home Front and now am on the final fund raising drive to finish the Mission. You can read more about that HERE.

Then my dream of inventing the coolest, smallest rotary cutter for appliqué finally came true. I have worked for the past four years to develop The Shark Applicutter and it launched into the market with a huge success. I am very proud to have created a tool that works so well for my style of appliqué cutting. The Man Sewing brand is growing by leaps and bounds and most importantly we are having a blast creating the free tutorials and all of the other fantastic content for all of our fans!

But, you know you can trust me to give it to you straight. So as I approach this anniversary I have also been troubled greatly with an overwhelming rawness to my emotions. It has been explained to me that after years of drowning my emotions, they are growing back and they, like the rest of my body, are becoming stronger. I cannot say that I have been over the top happy this past several months. I found myself feeling on the top of the world during my third and fourth years. First due to the physical and mental improvements in my life, then for the ability to convert my dreams into action due to the newly found strength. Now as I reflect back I find myself plagued by thoughts of lost time and bad decisions from my past.

5 year coin

I am a man of faith, and truly believe that this is all part of God’s big plan. I know that my eyes should stay focused on the future. Looking back just leads to more unanswered questions and fear of what I was really running from when I ended up at the bottom of the bottle.  Each day offers new challenges and what I wish to remind myself of is the simple decision that I needed to make. That for me, recovery is a lifetime choice that I must live out one day at a time. If you are on a similar journey I wish you all the strength in the world, keep pushing on I know it is worth it.

How to Travel the Man Sewing Way!

Man Sewing gives me a lot of fun opportunities to travel and I’ve become a bit of an expert, if I do say so myself. Traveling can be cumbersome and draining, or it can be smooth sailing. I prefer to make things as easy as possible on myself and plan ahead. I’ve even used quite a few of my own tutorials to whip up some awesome accessories to carry along with me wherever I go. So take my advice, the extra suitcase is worth it to carry along the comforts of home.

Useful Travel Tips from Rob Appell of Man Sewing!

My travel must-haves include:

  • A tablet. This incredible device has just about everything I need to keep myself entertained, whether it’s with a book, videos, or music. Plus, it includes maps and email, to keep me connected. Did you know, tablets don’t even have to be stowed before the plane takes off, so I get extra time to chill.

Useful Travel Tips from Rob Appell of Man Sewing

  • Noise-cancelling headphones. Carve out a little piece of privacy with these lightweight, high quality headphones. And they don’t drain your battery life because they attach the old school way, with a cord.
  • My personalized coffee kit. I’m pretty particular about the way I like my java, so I skip the Starbucks line and whip up my own fresh batch of brew with a French press travel mug. It’s a total lifesaver. It also allows me to carry along energy bars and muesli too, which I can eat hot or cold. Watch my Kraft-Tex Coffee Kit Tutorial HERE

Kraft-Tex Coffee Kit Tutorial with Rob Appell of Man Sewing

  • A yoga mat. Every morning I like to start my day off with a zen moment. This yoga mat fits in my suitcase and goes everywhere I go. Did you know that some airports even have yoga rooms? I couldn’t believe it myself!
  • A Man Sewing water bottle. I don’t go anywhere without it! Stay hydrated with this rugged, stainless steel, wood-finish water bottle by Rockit. Keep it empty on the way into the airport, go through security, and then fill it up for the rest of your trip.

Rob Appell at Quilt Market 2016 with his Man Sewing water bottle.

  • My knitting tool caddy. When the urge to create strikes me, I’m always ready. Knitting is a great way to pass the time when I’m traveling, and it keeps me calm when the road might get a little rough. Learn how to make your own knitting tool caddy HERE

Knitting Tool Caddy Tutorial by Rob Appell of Man Sewing

  • A power adapter. Do NOT forget this handy item! Stay charged up between flights and keep yourself from getting bored while traveling. There’s nothing worse than running out of battery life at the beginning of a long flight.

Before you hop on that plane, remember, a Man Sewing trip is much more fun than just a regular trip. Traveling can be a lot easier when you have the essentials. Catch you later!

String Quilt

Check out Rob's tutorial on the String Quilt

Man Sewing creates a sweet new version of a String Quilt!

String quilting is a quick & easy type of foundation piecing. Strips are stitched to a fabric base, and you can get a little crazy with angles and skinny pieces because the foundation keeps everything nice and pucker-free.
Rob Appell makes this neat String Quilt!

This week’s quilt was inspired by the incredible fabric designs of Kaffe Fassett, so of course it’s all about color and movement. I chose to create half square triangles by sewing my strips diagonally on one half of each foundational block. How cool is that? Click HERE to watch the tutorial



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DIY Fabric Valentine Postcards!

DIY Fabric Valentine's Day Fabric Postcards

You’ve got mail!

DIY Fabric Valentines Tutorial from Man Sewing!

I’m a more sensitive guy than most of you would imagine. I can’t even count how many times I’ve watched a rom-com with my wife. Well, us sensitive guys know that no matter what your significant other might say, Valentine’s Day is not a holiday to be trifled with! In the past I’ve spent hours cruising the local shops, racking my brain, trying to find the perfect gift. But in my experience, something handmade and from the heart always does the trick. Then I realized I’ve already got the perfect idea!

DIY Fabric Valentines Tutorial from Man Sewing!

Be prepared this year with a gift that’s super easy, and super rad. Skip the greeting card aisle and sit down at your sewing machine to whip up a few fabric postcards! Even if your loved one is far away, these awesome fabric postcards can be dropped in the mail just like a regular letter.

Watch my Fabric Postcard Tutorial and see how easy it is to make a personalized card that will last for a long time! Start with your favorite fabric, add a few embellishments, and you’ve got a gift that will definitely win you some points this year. For the traditional cards, I used the Dear Heart collection by Studio E.

I use a fun technique here called “fussy cutting.” Basically, it means cutting your fabric in a way that shows off a special part of an illustration or motif. It’s perfect for these postcards!

DIY Fabric Valentines Tutorial from Man Sewing!

And check out this awesome “Zombie Love” fabric by Riley Blake Designs. Nothing says “I love you” quite like literally giving your heart to someone special. I think my kids will get a kick out of these!

DIY Fabric Valentines Tutorial from Man Sewing!

I hope you give these D.I.Y. Valentines a try and be sure to share yours with me on social media using #mansewing!

FMQ Skills & Drills: Building from the Base

Learn to Build From The Base When FMQ

Learn to FMQ by starting at the base!


Quilt top complete.

Sandwich basted.

Machine geared up for a free motion quilting extravaganza.

It’s go time, baby!

But…where do you start? How do you take those first few stitches with confidence?


Get some great FMQ tips from Rob Appell of Man Sewing!


Conquer that blank canvas like a pro with a simple method I call “Building from the Base.” I begin with one basic shape that serves as the starting point for all the detail to come. Click HERE to watch the vid!


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Man Sewing Gear Giveaway!!!!

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Disappearing Pinwheel

Learn to make the Disappearing Pinwheel with Rob from Man Sewing

Learn to make a NEW variation of the Disappearing Pinwheel with Rob Appell of Man Sewing

I have to admit, this project did not originate in my own imagination. I actually got the idea from Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Piecing isn’t usually my thing; I’m more of an applique guy, but these “disappearing” blocks set my creative juices on fire. This quilt is easy, intricate, and just plain awesome.



Here is a FREE Downloadable PDF:


Learn to make the NEW Disappearing Pinwheel with Rob Appell of Man Sewing!


Click HERE to watch the tutorial!



Check out a new tutorial every Monday!