Reef Shark Applique Quilt

Hop into a time machine and travel back 400 million years. You won’t find humans or even dinosaurs that far back, but you will find sharks. Why have they lasted so long? Probably because they’re totally rad.

Man Sewing Shark Applique Quilt

Sharks have up to 3,000 razor-sharp teeth at a time, and when one falls out, it can be replaced in as little as one day. Their senses – sight, smell, and hearing – are insanely powerful, and they can even detect the electric charge of other living creatures.

They never stop swimming and they never really sleep, they just cruise through life like the undisputed kings of the sea. Click HERE to learn how to make an applique shark quilt that is least as awesome as those razor-toothed beasts!

Man Sewing Shark Applique

Rob’s intricate applique quilts are certainly a masterpiece, and we’ve put together a quilt kit to help you make you’re very own! Click the button below to check out the tutorial and shop supplies.

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  1. This is the coolest underwater masterpiece quilt!!! My husband and I are scuba divers, and my husband loves to surf! I was able to see the unique work that Rob does at MSQC, at the 8th birthday bash!!! Quite an unbelievable artist!!! Can’t wait until the 10th year bash in September! My mom, daughter, and myself are coming from Colorado, and are already signed up for the sewlebrity session between Jenny and Rob. I never laughed so hard, as I did that day. Rob, hope you will have this quilt with you at this years bash, I would love to see it!!! The tutorial you did was unbelievable as well. See ya in September…happy shark week!!!

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