Reef Shark Applique Quilt

Hop into a time machine and travel back 400 million years. You won’t find humans or even dinosaurs that far back, but you will find sharks. Why have they lasted so long? Probably because they’re totally rad.

Man Sewing Shark Applique Quilt

Sharks have up to 3,000 razor-sharp teeth at a time, and when one falls out, it can be replaced in as little as one day. Their senses – sight, smell, and hearing – are insanely powerful, and they can even detect the electric charge of other living creatures.

They never stop swimming and they never really sleep, they just cruise through life like the undisputed kings of the sea. Click HERE to learn how to make an applique shark quilt that is least as awesome as those razor-toothed beasts!

Man Sewing Shark Applique

Rob’s intricate applique quilts are certainly a masterpiece, and we’ve put together a quilt kit to help you make you’re very own! Click the button below to check out the tutorial and shop supplies.

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Sharkapalooza Shark Applique FREE Printable

Create a Shark Appliqué Design with Rob Appell of Man Sewing


I knew the first ever Sharkapalooza Week at Missouri Star Quilt Co and Man Sewing had to be special, and what better way to celebrate this fintastic week, than with a FREE  Shark Applique Design download!

To make this project, I grabbed my trusty Shark Applicutter, a Colors of Moda–Blues Fat Quarter Bundle, and some Heat N Bond Feather Lite and ironed on some fusible before I dove into cutting! Once I had all of my pieces ready to go, I went directly to my sewing machine…I couldn’t wait to see this shark come to life! After sewing the appliqué, I used a remaining fat quarter as a backing, added some batting and created a shark sandwich! Then came my  favorite part, the free motion quilting! I added some splashes and waves to give our Shark friend a fun place to hang out!

Shark applique_website_small


I had a whale of a good time creating this applique design, and I’m sure you will too! I turned my Shark Applique into a 18.5” by 17.5” wall hanging, and I think this design would look great on nautical-themed quilts, pillows and more!

If  you want to see how the project came together for me, check out this stop-motion video on my Man Sewing YouTube channel!

Download your FREE Shark Appliqué PDF here!

Introducing the Man Sewing Shark Applicutter!

I cannot begin to say how excited I am to share this news with you. My new Shark Applicutter rotary cutter is now available for purchase (at! This product has been in my head for years and I am so happy to finally be able to share it with all of you! This cutter is the perfect tool for applique and other detailed projects! The 14mm blade is the smallest available, perfect for those curves and tight angles.

Watch the video to see it in action!

The Shark Applicutter makes intricate cuts easier and more exact with these great features:

  • Adapts for left or right hand.
  • Soft, comfortable grip.
  • Finger-protecting safety fin.
  • 14mm blade that slices with incredible accuracy.
  • Designed for applique, but great for any project.

Try out Rob Appell's brand new Shark Applicutter!

I can’t wait to hear about your experiences once you get to try it out for yourselves! It’s available at Missouri Star Quilt Company HERE.