• Carol Kussart

    Awesome! I’m excited about this, Rob, and want to get one soon!

  • Stacey Barker

    Hi Rob, so excited about your new fun applique tool. I just ordered mine. Can’t wait to get it

    • Thanks, Stacey! Replacement blades will also be available soon!

  • Penny Wilson

    Where will we be able to by replacement blades?

    • Hi Penny! The replacement blades will be available soon from Missouri Star Quilt Co!

      • Penny Wilson

        Great. I just got mine and can’t wait to try it. The Burst block is next though!

  • Cindy Worthington

    Replacement blades? Will they be available at Missouri Star?

    • Yes, replacement blades will be available at Missouri Star soon!

  • Joan Swanson

    Looks great. Does it have replacement blades? I really like the small blades. But they never have replacement blades you can purchase.

    • It will soon, Joan! It’ll come in packs of 2 🙂

  • Nancy E Brennan

    Wowser! Will be adding this to my room.

  • Winona

    Looks like this would work great! However concerned there is no replacement blade information? Upon dulling is this considered a disposable product? Therefore one would want to get more than one to have another blade available? Or will they only make the replacements if there is enough interest?
    Would be great to see that information!

    • The replacement blades will be available soon! It is not meant to be disposable, we just have not received the replacements yet and didn’t want you all to have to wait to get it in your hands! 🙂

      • Winona

        Yay!!!! Thank you for the update!!

  • Christine Sloat

    I know that much of the comments already ask the question about replacement blades, but I will add my two cents as well – replacement blades are a must! If this is a disposable product, the price-point is not very favorable. Please let us know. Thanks!

    • Yes, it will have replacement blades available soon!

  • Bee

    I am left handed .. does it work for us also or is it like scissors that it is off about 1/16th of an inch

    • Yes, it can be used for left or right-handed people! You can actually screw in the blade on the other side to use it for left handed!

      • Bee

        Thanks, now with replacement blades?? it will be a definite addition to our quilting stash. Thanks for the product

  • Caryn Joy

    Looks great…are there replacement blades or is this a one time use blade ?

    • Hey Caryn! There will be replacement blades available in the next month or so. We will definitely be sharing when that happens!

  • Susan C. Fore

    What type of fabrics works best? Is it suitable for wool appliqué?

    • You certainly can use wool, just keep in mind that the depth of the blade is only 1/4″ so the thicker the fabric gets, it may become difficult.

  • Sonia Bertsch

    Does this cut thru the appliqué iron-bonding paper too at the same time?

  • Maaike powell

    Wow that is a fabulous tool to have. Must get one – especially now that I know there will be replacement blades soon. Hi from Australia Rob!

  • SueS

    I will pass this info along to my daughter. She has Epidermolysis Bullosa and as a result, her fingers/hands are fused into fists. Her arms and hands are wrapped in gauze dressings and she is able to use tools that are small enough to be secured by her dressings. The typical rotary cutters can’t be used by her, so I’ve done a lot of her fabric cutting. She has found a small cutter she can use, but I can’t wait for her to see this tool. She won’t have to wait for me to cut fabric for her – she’ll be a bit more independent with her cutting now!

  • Theresa Manthe

    Hi Rob,I live in Cape Town,South Africa ,and would love to order your Shark Aplicator but for obvious shipping costs would like to get the blades as well,when will the blades be available .Many Thanks ,Theresa.

  • Marlene Taylor

    Mine just came in today. After playing around with it a little, I can see it is going to be a GREAT addition to my quilting tool kit. I have to ask, is the blade suppose move like other rotary cutters. I tried loosening it but it does not seem to roll as I cut. I was only cutting through one layer of fabric so I was not pressing down very hard.

  • Lynea

    I just used the Shark Applicutter on a “tree” applique pattern that I have cut many times with regular scissors. And the Shark was awesome! It reduced the cutting time by at least half, and it was so much easier because I could just lay the pattern down and cut — with precision! — and I didn’t have to worry about the material getting in the way as I was cutting. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this tool!

    • Marlene Taylor

      Lynea can you tell me please, does your blade roll like other rotary cutters or is it more like a box cutter?

      • Lynea

        Hi, Marlene: It rolls just like any other rotary cutter; it’s fabulous!

        • Marlene Taylor

          Thanks Disqus.

  • Beckey

    I have been waiting months now for it to be in stock. Do you have more information when this will be available?

  • Peggy Alexander

    great tool for when you are cutting appliques not already tacked down on your project – but what we need is a cutter like this, but with a protective foot at the bottom to put between your shirt (or whatever it is you are appliqueing on) and the excess fabric you want to remove after your tack down. It would work kind of like the Olfa chenille cutter, but much tinier and more precise. Invent it!!!

  • Merry Ronan

    I wish I could find it locally before I buy it…

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