Tool Kit Journal

Create a Toolkit Journal with Rob

Create a Travel Toolkit Journal with Rob

If you’re like me, and always on the go, then packing your sewing supplies is a must! Having a highly portable sewing station on the road is exceptionally helpful for working on projects, and is especially handy for toting tools to and from workshops! That’s why I designed the Tool Kit Journal.


This unique carrying case can be customized to fit a variety of supplies.  Fill it up with your most-used sewing tools, and you’ll have everything you need in one neat, portable package. Click HERE to watch the vid.

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Double-Pull Drawstring Bag

Create a Double-Pull Drawstring Bag with Rob Appell

Cutting down on waste is one of the best ways to take care of Mother Earth, so I love working on reusable projects. My Double-Pull Drawstring Bag is a great substitute for throw-away bags, and it’s a cinch to make.

In the tutorial, I’ll walk you through how to create this highly customizable bag, with French seams and casings!

Create a Double-Pull Drawstring Bag with Rob Appell

Use it as a super-durable shopping bag, a gift bag, or a travel toiletry kit. Organize small toys, sewing supplies, or electronic accessories.  The possibilities are endless!

Click HERE to watch the vid, and if you think of a clever use for this bag, let me know in the comment section!


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Checkered Cross Quilt

Let Rob show you a great spin to the Burst Block!

In many forms of art, there are no shortcuts. No “marble carving made easy.” No “glass blowing for dummies.” Talent must be honed over years of meticulous practice, and even then, it takes a good dose of natural ability to succeed.

Watch as Rob shows you a fun trick with HST!

Luckily, quilting is one art that can be enjoyed by just about everyone, no matter your skill level. Today’s Checkered Cross is an intricate design, but the construction is so simple, even a beginner can tackle this quilt! Click HERE to watch the vid!

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Hexagon Color Wheel Quilt

Create a colorful Hexagon Color Wheel Quilt

Crank up the tunes and get comfy, folks, cuz we’re headed for a piecing palooza!

Create a colorful Hexagon Color Wheel Quilt

Today I’m stitching together a sea of gray hexagons. Add a punch of rainbow-ordered color, and you’ve got a super-modern color wheel! If you enjoy the piecing process as much as I do, this quilt is going to rock your world! Click HERE to watch the tutorial

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Island Sunset

Check out this easy tutorial on Disappearing HST

When the sun sets over the ocean, you get a magnificent burst of color – but it only lasts a few moments. Today I’m stitching up an Island Sunset that will remain brilliant for years to come!

Rob Appell from Man Sewing shows you how to create an easy tutorial on Disappearing HST
This quilt was inspired by Missouri Star’s Disappearing Pinwheel. It’s a project that looks complex, but the truth is, it couldn’t be easier! Click HERE to watch the tutorial!


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How To Add Netting To A Landscape Quilt

Learn how neat adding netting to a landscape quilt!

Freestyle applique leaves you with a million raw edges. And then, when it’s time for machine quilting, you have to carefully stitch along the perimeter of each piece. Frankly, it cramps my “free” style.


Rob Appell shows you how adding netting to a  landscape quilt creates so much texture!

Today I’ll show you how to add a layer of nylon netting over your quilt top. It’ll hold everything in place so your stitch patterns can be wild and free.

Click HERE to watch the vid!

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Indestructible Luggage Tag

Check out Man Sewing's Indestructible Luggage Tag Tutorial!

Never fear for lost luggage with this  Indestructible Luggage Tag!

Globe trotters, today’s your day! I’m working on a fabric luggage tag that can really take a beating. It’s made from a solid piece of James Thompson canvas, so it’s incredibly strong and durable.
Customize this project with your favorite fabric color, cool decorative stitching, or even a bit of applique. Then slide in your business card, and you’ve got a unique tag that’ll last for years to come. 

Let Rob from Man Sewing show you how to make this neat Indestructible Luggage Tag!

Click HERE to get the free downloadable PDF!

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DIY Fabric Valentine Postcards!

DIY Fabric Valentine's Day Fabric Postcards

You’ve got mail!

DIY Fabric Valentines Tutorial from Man Sewing!

I’m a more sensitive guy than most of you would imagine. I can’t even count how many times I’ve watched a rom-com with my wife. Well, us sensitive guys know that no matter what your significant other might say, Valentine’s Day is not a holiday to be trifled with! In the past I’ve spent hours cruising the local shops, racking my brain, trying to find the perfect gift. But in my experience, something handmade and from the heart always does the trick. Then I realized I’ve already got the perfect idea!

DIY Fabric Valentines Tutorial from Man Sewing!

Be prepared this year with a gift that’s super easy, and super rad. Skip the greeting card aisle and sit down at your sewing machine to whip up a few fabric postcards! Even if your loved one is far away, these awesome fabric postcards can be dropped in the mail just like a regular letter.

Watch my Fabric Postcard Tutorial and see how easy it is to make a personalized card that will last for a long time! Start with your favorite fabric, add a few embellishments, and you’ve got a gift that will definitely win you some points this year. For the traditional cards, I used the Dear Heart collection by Studio E.

I use a fun technique here called “fussy cutting.” Basically, it means cutting your fabric in a way that shows off a special part of an illustration or motif. It’s perfect for these postcards!

DIY Fabric Valentines Tutorial from Man Sewing!

And check out this awesome “Zombie Love” fabric by Riley Blake Designs. Nothing says “I love you” quite like literally giving your heart to someone special. I think my kids will get a kick out of these!

DIY Fabric Valentines Tutorial from Man Sewing!

I hope you give these D.I.Y. Valentines a try and be sure to share yours with me on social media using #mansewing!