3D Dudes Quilt Tutorial

3D Dudes Quilt Tutorial with Rob Appell!

Two years ago, Jenny Doan and I teamed up for an epic 3 Dudes Quilt tutorial. More than 335,000 views later, I’m ready for a re-mix! The 3D Dudes Quilt is visually complex, but it comes together easily thanks to strip piecing and Jenny’s signature half-square triangle shortcuts.

3D Dudes Quilt Tutorial with Rob Appell!

Click on the button to watch the video and get the supplies to add some more dimension to your life!

3D Dudes Quilt Tutorial with Rob Appell!

(And, for old times sake, you can click HERE to watch the original 3 Dudes Quilt tutorial with Jenny and me.)

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  1. Hi Rob, I am working on this quilt and I have most of it done but I run into a problem. Some of the Xs are not coming out correctly. I found a few place where the white is not matching up to the white in the X. I see this on yours where the 2nd and 3th rows mee https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7955d5bc98cc4e5f8ebb6211fcf8877be19c850bb27b410d6a1736a09b41894d.jpg t in blocks 1 and 6. But mine is also happening in the middle rows 4 and 5. See diagram. I can’t figure out what I did wrong.

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