• Vickie Walker

    Oh my.. I’m so so very impress with this video that Brayden,, Love that he shared his family trip and video.. thank you!!!!

  • Lucy Zapala-Worm

    love the video

  • Kathleen Juskowiak

    How fun to follow the three of you on your adventure. Thanks so much for sharing the video – Particularly fun for those of us who will never actually make it to Hamilton.

  • Betty Manoulian

    Awesome. Braydon did a great job. Rob, what did the kids think of the lifestyle in Hamilton? So much different than California. I loved the 30 years I lived in San Diego, but am very happy to be back in (rural) Michigan. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. Looking forward to many more.

  • Tippy

    Just found Man Sewing on YouTube & your blog Rob. Oh Happy Day! Love Brayden’s video, Rob’s music & Ruby’s beautiful smile. Thanks for all you do for our sewing community. I’m sure I’ll be back again & again.