Rob & Co in Hamilton

Rob and kids

Rob’s kiddos, Brayden and Ruby, joined him for his most recent trip to Hamilton, MO to film a new set of tutorials and fun was a blast! Check out the Facebook Live Video they did on set HERE.

Behind the Scenes

Ruby worked hard for weeks leading up to the trip getting a couple of projects ready to film tutorials with her dad. She’s a natural on camera! Brayden loves making videos himself, so he had a blast checking out all of the equipment and helping to run one of the cameras. Keep an eye out for the new tutorials on Man Sewing soon (You can subscribe to the Man Sewing YouTube Channel HERE to make sure you don’t miss them)!

Brayden even made his own video recapping the Appell Family Trip to Hamilton. How cool is that? He’s got some serious video making skills (We just might have ourselves a new tutorial making team)!

We hope to make this trip as a family again sometime, it was so much fun!

Customized Backpacks

It’s that time of year again, the kids are getting their haircuts, picking out new outfits and preparing to take on the new school year! This year I wanted my kids to go back to school with backpacks that would be easily distinguishable from other students’ bags but I wanted them to be safe! (Bags that are personalized without having personal information!)

IMG_6586 2

So I’ve teamed up with ROSS Dress for Less to help parents get their kids back to school with bags that are easy on the wallet and fun for the kids! Enjoy this week’s tutorial!

To get all the supplies and watch the tutorial click HERE!

You can also view the tutorial here:

International Fairy Day!

We love to get crafty with the kids, it keeps their imaginations going and allows them to express themselves! (We also want them to love art as much as we do!)

Building Fairy Gardens

Well a few days ago it was International Fairy Day. My daughter loved it!!! My family has been working on Fairy Gardens as a summer project and having an International holiday to celebrate fairies was the cherry on top! I just got around to taking pictures, but aren’t they turning out pretty sweet? We can’t wait to get them finished and painted! We hear that if we build them, the fairies will swarm in! 🙂

Fairy Garden

I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures when we get them painted and put out! 🙂

Fairy Garden

On a side note, here’s a Chenille Quilt Tutorial I did using Fairy fabrics by Michael Miller! Happy International Fairy Day! (Even if I’m a little late)