How to Embellish a Hoodie

Learn how to embellish a hoodie!

Back in the day, teens personalized their denim jackets with all kinds of cool patches and other embellishments. Now new moms are making one-of-a-kind onesies and outfits and the desire to feel like an individual definitely hasn’t gone away. Today I’m demonstrating how to do the same thing with a cozy, comfy hoodie!

Whether you’re into heavy metal or moustached kittens, you can create a sweatshirt that is totally “you” with easy applique and a touch of free motion quilting. The possibilities are endless: favorite sports teams, fandoms, or even Disney themed for a family trip. A personalized hoodie would make a great gift for anyone on your list!

Embellish a Hoodie for Ultimate Personalization!

Click on the image to watch the tutorial and start embellishing your hoodies!

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  1. Well that just opened up a new door. Gonna go dig out my old favorite and make it new again by restitching the design. Thanks Rob!

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