Picture this: You’re at the beach. All your gear is stashed in a super cool Ballistic Beach Bag – towel, sunscreen, phone, snacks – everything you need for a day of fun in the sun. But without a little organization, that big tote can turn into a black hole that eats your keys and chapstick right when you need them most. You need a zippered pouch to keep your stuff in check! My Boxed Zipper Pouch is well constructed with a durable lining and boxed corners. (And it’s pretty darn handsome with that shiny brass zipper and metallic print canvas.) Fill it with sewing supplies,Read More →

My kids and I love being creative together. We often spend time hiking, playing music, building with LEGO bricks, and, of course, creating in my sewing studio. Sometimes we even get a little silly! This project will delight the inner child in you and may even inspire you to do something out of the ordinary. Have you ever wanted to add a dapper touch to your wardrobe? Create a fun bow tie to add that extra something. Then, go even bigger and make it clown-sized for even more excitement! Being the guy I am, I got a bit carried away and created an extra largeRead More →

Are you looking for some quilt-spiration each and every day of the year? Look no further! Rob has offered his talents to help raise money for one of the most exciting quilting events of the summer, the Sisters’ Outdoor Quilt Show, by donating a quilt and posing for The Men Behind the Quilt Calendar! The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show is the world’s largest outdoor quilt show with more than 1,300 quilts representing artists and designers from across the globe. It’s an amazing event in a beautiful town overlooking the majestic Three Sisters wilderness. If you have the opportunity to go, we highly recommend it! EveryRead More →

Building a Burst Block is a bit like riding a bike. You might start with a touch of trepidation. You may experience a few wobbles and spills. But don’t worry! With each block, you will gain confidence and momentum until, zoom! Off into the quilty sunset you’ll ride, crankin’ out Burst Blocks with the greatest of ease!   Click HERE to watch Rob Appel demonstrate his newest version of the Burst Block, The Burst Block Star. In this video, Rob shares tons of expert advice and helpful tips to make this quilt as easy as it is fun!