Mummy Pillow Tutorial

Quick & Easy Mummy Pillow Tutorial!

Do you love your mummy?

Make a Mummy Pillow for Halloween!

Halloween is creeping closer every day. Kick your decor into high-gear with a cool mummy throw pillow! This simple little project was designed by our good friend Amy Barickman of Indygo Junction, and it’s made with her awesome Crossroads Denim fabric.

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(Now that you’ve got Halloween on the brain, check out Rob’s other spooky projects: The Glow in the Dark Sugar Skull and The Glow in the Dark Pillowcase/Trick-or-Treat Bag. Happy Halloween!)

Make a Mummy Pillow for Halloween!

3D Circles Wall Hanging Tutorial!

Make a 3D Circle Wall Hanging with Rob Appell!

If you’re itching for quilting outside the box, why not give circles a try? Rob’s new 3D Circles Quilt is an exciting departure from the expected – think of it as the love child of quilting and sculpture.

Make a 3D Circle Wall Hanging with Rob Appell!

It’s unique, colorful, and full of movement – totally worthy of top billing over the mantle. Click on the button below to learn how to make The 3D Circles Quilt!

Make a 3D Circle Wall Hanging with Rob Appell!

Paper Piecing with Guest Violet Craft

Learn the Basics of Paper Piecing with Violet Craft!

Every quilter has their kryptonite. That one skill that, despite repeated practice, just never seems to gel. Me? My weak spot has always been paper piecing. Luckily, my good friend Violet Craft is basically the paper-piecing queen of the universe, and she agreed to join me in the studio for some easy-to-follow paper-piecing instruction.

Learn the Basics of Paper Piecing with Violet Craft!

Join me as I conquer my fear of paper piecing, and together we’ll learn how to make something awesome! Click on the button below to watch the tutorial!

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How to Make a Knitting Tool Caddy

The urge to create can strike at any moment. Make sure you have your supplies at the ready!

Make a Knitting Tool Caddy with this Free Tutorial!


I travel a ton, and it’s hard to leave my sewing studio behind. My mind is always running a mile a minute with new project ideas, and it drives me crazy to not be able to get my hands on some interesting supplies.

This week we’ll show you how to create a travel caddy for your knitting tools or any other project supplies you like to keep close at hand. This caddy is totally customizable to fit your needs, so you’ll be able to take your latest project with you wherever you go. Click on the button below to learn how to make it!

Make a Knitting Tool Caddy with this Free Tutorial!

Make a Knitting Tool Caddy with this Free Tutorial!

How to Embellish a Hoodie

Learn how to embellish a hoodie!

Back in the day, teens personalized their denim jackets with all kinds of cool patches and other embellishments. Now new moms are making one-of-a-kind onesies and outfits and the desire to feel like an individual definitely hasn’t gone away. Today I’m demonstrating how to do the same thing with a cozy, comfy hoodie!

Whether you’re into heavy metal or moustached kittens, you can create a sweatshirt that is totally “you” with easy applique and a touch of free motion quilting. The possibilities are endless: favorite sports teams, fandoms, or even Disney themed for a family trip. A personalized hoodie would make a great gift for anyone on your list!

Embellish a Hoodie for Ultimate Personalization!

Click on the image to watch the tutorial and start embellishing your hoodies!

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The Strata Flower Quilt Tutorial!

strata flower pinnable

Did you know that daffodils can be made into an alzheimer’s-fighting drug, marigolds can be used as pest repellent, and sunflowers remove poisons such as arsenic and lead from the ground? Talk about flower power!

And today we’re introducing you to another flower that packs a serious punch, The Strata Flower. This quilt is bold and beautiful, and combines elements from Rob’s classic strata quilt with a fool-proof method for easy applique.


Click on the button to watch the tutorial and learn how to make your own Strata Flower Quilt!

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The Block and Strip Quilt!

Make an Easy Block and Strip Quilt with Rob and Jenny!

I’m pretty pumped to be a special guest on the new Missouri Star Quilt Co’s quilting tutorial today! Watch as I teach Jenny Doan a simple Block and Strip quilt that is prefect for a quick project and can look completely different depending on the fabrics you choose!


Click on the button to watch!

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Tutorial: How to Quilt with Different Types of Batting

Quilting Tutorial: Quilting on Different Types of Batting

How’s your quilt batting IQ? Can you comfortably navigate the world of natural fiber, synthetic fiber, high loft, medium loft, and blend? (Did you know there’s even batting made out of recycled water bottles! We’ve got choices coming out of our ears!)

Quilting Tutorial: Quilting on Different Types of Batting

With so many varieties available, how do you go about selecting the right batting for a quilt? Not to worry! We’ve got you covered! In today’s new tutorial, Quilt Batting Boot Camp, Rob will lay it all out in a quick, easy-to-understand format so you can choose your batting with confidence. Click on the button below to watch the tutorial. You’re about to become a batting genius!

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New Sherwood Quilt Pattern and Tutorial!

Free YouTube Tutorial to Make Rob Appell's Sherwood Quilt Pattern!

Stretching from the bottom of Oregon all the way past San Francisco, a 500 mile long forest of ancient redwoods towers above the Big Sur Coast. These ancient giants can grow to be 350 feet tall with a diameter of over 20 feet!

Recently, Rob and his 12-year-old son spent some time backpacking through this remarkable forest, and they came back with some serious quilting inspiration! (What a awesome way to hold on to the memory of a trip like that!)

Free YouTube Tutorial to Make Rob Appell's Sherwood Quilt Pattern!

And so the Sherwood Quilt was born! This is a new pattern for Rob and he is walking you through the entire process! So, check out the tutorial!

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Free Motion Quilting Mania!! #FMQMANIA

If you’ve been following along, you may have noticed that I like to approach quilting my own way. There’s no perfect method because every quilter thinks differently and prefers a unique approach that suits him or her best. This is definitely true for Free Motion Quilting! It’s supposed to be “free”-ing to do it your own way, but I can see how that might be difficult to tackle when you’re used to doing quilt piecing, which usually requires exact measurement and math.

So, if you’ve been hesitant to try it out for yourself, we’ve decided to offer a little bit of motivation… and is there better motivation than free stuff? Maybe, but this is the way we’re going!


Here’s what you have to do for a chance to win one of my new ‘High Voltage’ Thread Packs. This collection contains 12 large spools of my favorite shades of high-quality thread. (A $130 value!)

  • 1- Give free motion quilting a try (Need a boost of encouragement? I’m here for you! Click HERE to check out my FMQ tutorials!)
  • 2- Snap a pic.
  • 3- Share on Facebook or Instagram using #fmqmania.
  • 4- Cross your fingers. You might win big!

mansewing thread insta

Good luck! We can’t wait to see your FMQ attempts! Let the FMQ Mania begin! We will pick a winner on Wednesday, August 3rd!