New Sherwood Quilt Pattern and Tutorial!

Stretching from the bottom of Oregon all the way past San Francisco, a 500 mile long forest of ancient redwoods towers above the Big Sur Coast. These ancient giants can grow to be 350 feet tall with a diameter of over 20 feet!

Recently, Rob and his 12-year-old son spent some time backpacking through this remarkable forest, and they came back with some serious quilting inspiration! (What a awesome way to hold on to the memory of a trip like that!)

Free YouTube Tutorial to Make Rob Appell's Sherwood Quilt Pattern!

And so the Sherwood Quilt was born! This is a new pattern for Rob and he is walking you through the entire process! So, check out the tutorial!

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  1. I think I need to make this for my mother-in-law. She moved from Oregon down to New Mexico to live near us, and I know she is homesick for the forest! I think she would really love this.

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