Crazy Cat Star Quilt

Man Sewing Crazy Cat Star Quilt

It’s the big winter games, and the best athletes in the world are competing for top honors. The best human athletes, that is…

Because if we’re being honest, in a contest of the most extraordinary physical feats, you’d have to include the common house cat.

Man Sewing Crazy Cat Star Quilt

A domestic cat can run 30 miles per hour. (That’s faster than gold medal runner Usain Bolt, folks.) They can jump seven times their own height, and 90% of cats can survive a five-story fall. But perhaps most impressive, the average cat sleeps 16-18 hours a day. (You may have observed this impressive talent in your own home.)

This week I’ve designed a cool new quilt for all the cat-loving quilters out there. Click HERE to learn how to make the Crazy Cat Star Quilt.

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  1. I was up late tonight and saw your tutorial. I need to make a quick baby quilt, so I am going to change up the colors and use this pattern. Thanks so much!

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