Continuous Zipper Pouch

Make an easy Continuous Zipper Pouch with Rob!

A Continuous Zipper Pouch is made out of one zipper – that’s all! No fabric. No lining or foundation. Nada. Just one long strip of interlocking teeth stitched into all sorts of cool shapes! This project can be customized to fit a variety of small objects: pencils, coins, makeup, you name it.

Make an easy Continuous Zipper Pouch with Rob!

This is one project that will earn you some major cool points with the kids, and they’re a blast to make! Click HERE to watch the tutorial!

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  1. Love this project! But I must be doing something wrong. Cannot get it to work . Would be nice to have printed instructions with diagrams. It is hard to figure out from the video. Hard to see what is going on. Thanks for any help you can provide. Would really like to make some of these!

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