Reverse Appliqué Snowflake Quilt

Reverse Applique Snowflake Quilt

Do you remember making snowflakes in grade school? We’d fold the paper into an itty-bitty triangle, snip out shapes with little safety scissors, and then open it up to reveal a frosty masterpiece. Good times!

Reverse Appliqué Snowflake Quilt

Today we’re kicking it back to those school days, but this time we’ve brought along our best sewing shears and a yard of batik. Click HERE to learn how to make an applique Snowflake Quilt!

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  1. Thanks, Rob! This is perfect; easy to do…spectacular result! It’s 6AM, everybody is asleep, I have some Christmas stash waiting for me downstairs, it’s July and the temp is going to be about 110 today…perfect. Snowflakes, here I come!

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