Man Sewing Launch!!

Well, the groundhog said we’ve got 6 more weeks of winter, but I’m still smiling because it’s the OFFICIAL LAUNCH of Man Sewing! This first tutorial features a technique that might seem a little scary, but it’s completely manageable.  Check out my Quilts with Curves Tutorial!

Curved Piecing Man Sewing Tutorial with Rob Appell: Quilts with Curves

9 Replies to “Man Sewing Launch!!”

  1. I saw a beautiful wall hanging in a fabric shop that was completely composed of curved pieces and wondered if I could ever sew something as beautiful. Your excellent curved piecing tutorial gave me the confidence and knowledge to try my hand at using this new technique. Thank you.

  2. You made me laugh when you looked dead into the camera and said “putting fingers BEHIND the blade”… 😀 I’m just growing the other half of my finger back..
    One could make really nice ombre quilts using this technique.

    Excellent tutorial.

    1. Haha @disqus_UotiYoyaUm:disqus we all have to learn from our own experiences at times… 🙂 This would be an AWESOME technique for ombre!

  3. Excellent. I didn’t believe curved piecing could be this easy till I tried it. Just did the sky on a landscape wall hanging with this technique with perfect results. Great tutorial; easy to understand & follow.

  4. Thanks Rob. I love your tutorials. I tried the curved piecing tutorial with length of fabric and it didn’t work. Did I do it wrong or can it work on length of fabric? Thanks Rob.

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