Skateboard Quilt Tutorial with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co

I always have a blast when I’m in Hamilton, Missouri!  Jenny Doan and the people at Missouri Star Quilt Co are fantastic to work with!  Check out this awesome tutorial I got to do with Jenny on the Skateboard Quilt:

Then I did a follow up video over on the Man Sewing YouTube Channel. I reference a tempate for this project and you can click HERE to download it!  Take a look:

So excited for Man Sewing and working with the good people at MSQC!

4 Replies to “Skateboard Quilt Tutorial with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co”

  1. Love the decks and finished boards. Can’t wait to make one for my new grandson Cole. Good luck on your new endeavor!!

    1. Thanks, Barbara! I had a blast with this one. That’s a great one for your grandson – one that can grow up with him!

  2. Where is a picture of the finished project. I want to send it to my grandson so he can decide which quilt he wants. Thank you

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