The Burst Block! A New Tutorial from Man Sewing with Rob Appell

We’re bursting at the seams at Man Sewing to share this Burst Block Quilt Tutorial with you! The Burst Block is super versatile. You can play with different colors and layouts to get the exact look you want.

Download the Burst Block Diagram: 

( This diagram is NOT to scale, so keep that in mind if you try printing it.  The raw block will be 10×10″, so you won’t be able to print a ‘to scale’ pattern.)

At first glance, this block might seem a little bit intimidating, but give it a chance!  It’s tons of fun and hopefully this tutorial will make you feel like you can handle it!


burst block nl

As an added bonus, Rob has made the Burst Block even easier to make since coming out with this tutorial. Check out his Burst Block Template HERE and download the directions for it HERE.

Post Updated: 9/1/16

6 Replies to “The Burst Block! A New Tutorial from Man Sewing with Rob Appell”

  1. I can envision making this block using Ron’s diagram & measurements to create a paper piece foundation.

  2. Hello Rob, thanks for the burst block tutorial, you’ve taken all the horrible hard work away making it a lot simpler than paper piecing block I made. I’m looking forward to giving your tutorial ago. Moray North East Scotland ????

  3. Rob, I think your tutorials are great! This one blew my mind as I thought it was going to be hard, your made it look so easy with the way your showed us how to cut! Thank you so much!! Also, just wondering, do you have the pattern or a tutorial for that Beautiful quilt you showed with the flag and Eagle? My dad is a Vietnam veteran and my brother in law served 21 yrs active duty Army and both my son’s are very patriotic that quilt would be an AMAZING Christmas gift!! Thank you for ALL the hard work you do in teaching us your tutorials!! I also love ALL of Jenny’s too!! Keep up the great work!

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