Gator Quilt: Burst Block with a Twist

Create a Gator Quilt with Rob

Create a Gator Quilt with Rob

If you’ve been following Man Sewing for long, you know I love working with The Burst Block. (Check out the entire Burst Block playlist HERE.) My Burst Block Template makes construction simple, and there are so many cool ways to put these blocks together, I can’t help but rebuild this quilt every once in awhile.

Create a Gator Quilt with Rob!
This week’s Gator Quilt is my newest Burst Block creation, and with this fun, twisty layout, you don’t have to worry about lining up seams!

Check out a new tutorial every Monday!

Half Burst Strip Quilt

Check out Rob's super sweet block using the Burst Block Template.

Check out Rob's epic tutorial on the Half Burst Strip Quilt!


























In 1905, an eleven-year-old boy accidentally invented the popsicle. He had intended to make a batch of flavored soda, but he left the concoction out in the cold all night and it froze solid – stir stick and all. Luckily, the unexpected result was even better than the original plan!

Rob has found another great way to use his Burst Template!














When I first started designing this week’s quilt, I had a pretty clear picture of what I wanted it to look like. My plans took a complete 180, however, and I ended up with the Half Burst Block. Click HERE to see this unexpectedly awesome pattern!


Check out a new tutorial every Monday!

The Burst Block! A New Tutorial from Man Sewing with Rob Appell

We’re bursting at the seams at Man Sewing to share this Burst Block Quilt Tutorial with you! The Burst Block is super versatile. You can play with different colors and layouts to get the exact look you want.

Download the Burst Block Diagram: 

( This diagram is NOT to scale, so keep that in mind if you try printing it.  The raw block will be 10×10″, so you won’t be able to print a ‘to scale’ pattern.)

At first glance, this block might seem a little bit intimidating, but give it a chance!  It’s tons of fun and hopefully this tutorial will make you feel like you can handle it!


burst block nl

As an added bonus, Rob has made the Burst Block even easier to make since coming out with this tutorial. Check out his Burst Block Template HERE and download the directions for it HERE.

Post Updated: 9/1/16