Fabric Post Cards

The technology we have today is incredible! We can push a button on a machine in our kitchen and our food is cooked, we didn’t even have to gather wood or tend a fire! We can lay in bed in our pajamas, teeth not even brushed yet and order fabric to be sent right to your doorstep! We can send messages to people across the world without even picking up a writing utensil! The conveniences we have are phenomenal!

**SOAP BOX OPINION** Yes, technology has made the world a more simple place (Except when I can’t get my wifi to work! Game over when that happens!) but I remember the days of hand written letters and anxiously waiting for the mailman to arrive! Although I love waiting  for the mailman these days when a box of fabric is headed my way, I miss the times of sentimental hand written letters and cards! Bills don’t quite qualify…

fabric postcard pinnable

This week’s tutorial is a fun and easy way to bring back snail mail! Fabric postcards!!! That’s right, post cards made entirely of fabric! These are so fun to make AND receive!

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Pet Screen Earring Holder

Happy Manly Monday everyone!! This week’s tutorial is a fun one! A few months ago I showed you how to make a beach bag  using pet screen and today’s tutorial uses the leftover pet screen from that project to make an Earring Holder!

Pet Screen Earring Holder


I’m the type of person to get a head start on Christmas gifts! So anytime I find an easy project that I can make for several people, I’m all for it! This is certainly one of those projects! Enjoy!

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You can also watch the tutorial here:

Customized Backpacks

It’s that time of year again, the kids are getting their haircuts, picking out new outfits and preparing to take on the new school year! This year I wanted my kids to go back to school with backpacks that would be easily distinguishable from other students’ bags but I wanted them to be safe! (Bags that are personalized without having personal information!)

IMG_6586 2

So I’ve teamed up with ROSS Dress for Less to help parents get their kids back to school with bags that are easy on the wallet and fun for the kids! Enjoy this week’s tutorial!

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You can also view the tutorial here:

Drawstring Bag Toy Playmat

I often wonder why humans have such sensitive feet! You would think they would be tough, especially since they carry us from place to place! Maybe it’s just me but when I stub my toe,  my vision is instantly blurred with watery eyes and my vocabulary is a little more bold than usual. Have you ever stepped on a lego? Oh gosh, it’s game over when that happens!! Someone might as well amputate my foot because my feet are just so sensitive!! Stepping on things is definitely a common problem in a household with kids! That’s why I am so jazzed about today’s tutorial! In this video I’ll teach you how to make a Drawstring Bag Toy Playmat! It’s an easy sewing project that will help a bunch when it comes to keeping things tidy! Because I used denim to make mine, it’s going to handle the wear and tear of the kids! My mom would sometimes say, “This is why we can’t have nice things”, after I would break something while playing and just being a kid! Well have no fear because when these bags are made with the right supplies, they are going to last a lifetime!!

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Drawstring Bag

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Pentagon Ball

It’s that time of week again and we have a sweet tutorial for you! You’re in for a fun treat! Follow along as Rob shows you how to create an easy and fun Pentagon Ball that’s great for your kids or pets! Stick a bell inside and boom! Instant entertainment!! Use the free template in the link below and adjust it to make your Pentagon any size you want!


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Ballistic Beach Bag

ballistic beach bag blue

Let’s be honest here, a person can never have too many bags! My wife has so many that she has a bag to hold all her bags! It’s a little ridiculous but it’s okay because I love her. It’s also okay because I’m an enabler of the bag craze! Today’s tutorial is a great example of that!!

We live in California and go to the beach a lot! So this bag was a necessity for my families’ bag collection! We use this one for grocery shopping, days at the park and just about any time we have to carry things! (Except for sneaking snacks into the theatre… it doesn’t work too well for that!)

This is my son using his bag while on duty as a Junior Lifeguard!

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