Krystal Mandala Quilt

Krystal Mandala with Rob Appell of Man Sewing

Learn to make The Krystal Mandala Quilt

The Krystal Mandala is all about straight lines and angles; it’s even finished with straight-line quilting. This is the perfect quilt to keep your little superheroes cozy as they dream of defeating the bad guys! Click HERE to watch the vid!

Krystal Mandala with Rob Appell

Click HERE for your free downloadable PDF!

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Felt Santa Christmas Card Holder

Create a Santa Christmas Card Holder with Rob Appell

Even simple traditions create lasting memories. Every December we pull out our “Skinny Santa” to deck him out with Christmas cards from family and friends. After so many years, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without him. Learn how to make your own Felt Santa Christmas Card Holder HERE! And download the free PDF pattern HERE!

Create a Santa Christmas Card Holder with Rob Appell

Click on the image to find all the supplies needed to create your very own Santa card holder!

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Rob & Co in Hamilton

Rob and kids

Rob’s kiddos, Brayden and Ruby, joined him for his most recent trip to Hamilton, MO to film a new set of tutorials and fun was a blast! Check out the Facebook Live Video they did on set HERE.

Behind the Scenes

Ruby worked hard for weeks leading up to the trip getting a couple of projects ready to film tutorials with her dad. She’s a natural on camera! Brayden loves making videos himself, so he had a blast checking out all of the equipment and helping to run one of the cameras. Keep an eye out for the new tutorials on Man Sewing soon (You can subscribe to the Man Sewing YouTube Channel HERE to make sure you don’t miss them)!

Brayden even made his own video recapping the Appell Family Trip to Hamilton. How cool is that? He’s got some serious video making skills (We just might have ourselves a new tutorial making team)!

We hope to make this trip as a family again sometime, it was so much fun!

Kraft-Tex Journal Cover Tutorial

I love working with Kraft-Tex! This is such a great book/journal cover tutorial!

Back in the day, we wrapped our textbooks in covers made from brown paper bags. Those paper covers were great for doodling, but they just weren’t strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. It was a small miracle if they made it through the school year!

I love working with Kraft-Tex! This is such a great book/journal cover tutorial!

The Kraft-Tex Journal Cover starts with the same basic idea of those old paper bag covers, but when you’re working with Kraft-Tex, you know it’s gonna last. Kraft-tex is an amazing product that looks like leather, feels like paper, sews like butter, and can even be tossed in the washer. This stuff is so indestructible, it only makes sense to turn it into something as well-used as a journal.

I love working with Kraft-Tex! This is such a great book/journal cover tutorial!

Get the supplies needed to make your very own Kraft-Tex Journal Cover and download the Free Printable here:

Tablet Prop Up Pillow

Picture this: You’re lounging on the couch. Feet up on the ottoman. Delicious coffee in one hand. Killer pastry in the other. It’s a perfect setup unless you want to check out some YouTube vids on the tablet, and that sucker starts sliding all over your lap. You really need a Tablet Prop Up Pillow.

prop up pillow
Constructed with super-soft Shannon Cuddle and a boning-reinforced strip shelf, this handy little pillow will prop your tablet in place with comfort and ease. Watch the tutorial below and click HERE to to get supplies!

3D Flower Using Fabric


Today’s tutorial is blooming with fun! Have you ever bought fresh flowers, only to enjoy them for a week before they start wilting and smelling horrible? Rob’s fun 3D Fabric Flower solution will help eliminate the hassle of fresh flowers, and they’re so fun to make!!

Check out the free tutorial HERE!

3D Flowers and Leaves Pinnable

Free Piecing Quilt

Today’s new tutorial is the perfect way to start the week! Today I’m showing you a personal favorite of mine, it’s a technique called Free Piecing that my friend, Jean Wells showed me. I loved it so much that I wanted to show you my spin on it! I hope you love it as much as I do! Click HERE to watch the new tutorial!

Free Video Tutorial from Man Sewing!