How to Embellish a Hoodie

Learn how to embellish a hoodie!

Back in the day, teens personalized their denim jackets with all kinds of cool patches and other embellishments. Now new moms are making one-of-a-kind onesies and outfits and the desire to feel like an individual definitely hasn’t gone away. Today I’m demonstrating how to do the same thing with a cozy, comfy hoodie!

Whether you’re into heavy metal or moustached kittens, you can create a sweatshirt that is totally “you” with easy applique and a touch of free motion quilting. The possibilities are endless: favorite sports teams, fandoms, or even Disney themed for a family trip. A personalized hoodie would make a great gift for anyone on your list!

Embellish a Hoodie for Ultimate Personalization!

Click on the image to watch the tutorial and start embellishing your hoodies!

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Tutorial: How to Quilt with Different Types of Batting

Quilting Tutorial: Quilting on Different Types of Batting

How’s your quilt batting IQ? Can you comfortably navigate the world of natural fiber, synthetic fiber, high loft, medium loft, and blend? (Did you know there’s even batting made out of recycled water bottles! We’ve got choices coming out of our ears!)

Quilting Tutorial: Quilting on Different Types of Batting

With so many varieties available, how do you go about selecting the right batting for a quilt? Not to worry! We’ve got you covered! In today’s new tutorial, Quilt Batting Boot Camp, Rob will lay it all out in a quick, easy-to-understand format so you can choose your batting with confidence. Click on the button below to watch the tutorial. You’re about to become a batting genius!

tutorial button


Turn an Unfinished Quilt Into a Tree Skirt!

Turn an Unfinished Quilt into a Tree Skirt

I don’t know if it applies to you, but there’s this acronym in the quilting world, UFO. Heard of it? Well today’s tutorial will show you a unique way to finally put your unfinished quilts to good use! With special guest Violet Craft, learn how to make a tree skirt from an unfinished quilt!

Turn an Unfinished Quilt into a Tree Skirt

Click on the button to watch the tutorial and learn how to make your own tree skirt!

Turn an Unfinished Quilt into a Tree Skirt

Tablet Prop Up Pillow

Picture this: You’re lounging on the couch. Feet up on the ottoman. Delicious coffee in one hand. Killer pastry in the other. It’s a perfect setup unless you want to check out some YouTube vids on the tablet, and that sucker starts sliding all over your lap. You really need a Tablet Prop Up Pillow.

prop up pillow
Constructed with super-soft Shannon Cuddle and a boning-reinforced strip shelf, this handy little pillow will prop your tablet in place with comfort and ease. Watch the tutorial below and click HERE to to get supplies!

3D Flower Using Fabric


Today’s tutorial is blooming with fun! Have you ever bought fresh flowers, only to enjoy them for a week before they start wilting and smelling horrible? Rob’s fun 3D Fabric Flower solution will help eliminate the hassle of fresh flowers, and they’re so fun to make!!

Check out the free tutorial HERE!

3D Flowers and Leaves Pinnable