Dancing Dots Quilt

I think we’ve all worked on a project when we just didn’t have enough fabric! You know the drill, you buy what you think is plenty of fabric, get to work and then BOOM! You’re running out of fabric and you’re not even close to being done! You could go get more fabric but you’re on a deadline! Maybe it’s just me, but that is exactly what happened for this project when I designed it many years ago! I had to use every little scrap I had to make the background big enough to do my applique patterns on top!


Although I was sweating over it at the time, I ended up changing the original pattern to match the creation I made in a crunch! I loved the new scrappy look that it had!

This quilt is fun because of the muted background that gives movement and the Dancing Dots on the top that are appliqued down! It’s a great project because we can practice some curved piecing, straight piecing and even applique! I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

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You can also watch it here!

Reverse Applique Tutorial

This week’s tutorial is super fun! I know I say that every week, but I really mean it this time!! I love applique and I love to explore the possibilities of applique! Check out the new tutorial to learn how to make this Reversed Applique Quilt!!

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reverse applique web


You can also view it here:

Coming Home Quilt

There is something majestic about seeing an eagle. Whether it’s flying overhead, your favorite team’s mascot or even on a quilt, eagles are beautiful creatures. Eagles are especially beautiful if you live in the US like me! They represent freedom and the birth of our great nation!

Coming Home Quilt

This fun quilt was originally made for Quilted In Honor. Quilted In Honor (QIH), led by Island Batik, is a fund raising initiative for Operation Homefront, one of the top military fund raising organizations, and is intended to harness the collective power of the quilting industry to give back to the ones that need it most. I was so happy to work with such a great organization and help those who have protected our freedoms. 

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