Reverse Applique Tutorial

This week’s tutorial is super fun! I know I say that every week, but I really mean it this time!! I love applique and I love to explore the possibilities of applique! Check out the new tutorial to learn how to make this Reversed Applique Quilt!!

Click HERE for all the details!

reverse applique web


You can also view it here:

3 Replies to “Reverse Applique Tutorial”

  1. I just found you your site today. I was looking up information on reverse applique actually and found this video. Your how-to was really easy to follow and I’m definitely going to shout out your website. You’re really good at explaining new techniques. BTW- nice Jerry plush in the background! 😉 I got one of those too years ago too!

  2. This is absolutely beautiful!!! I’m going to attempt to make one. My chalk pencils don’t work as smoothly as the one you are using. What kind is it and where can I get one? Thank you for showing this technique, I’, on board!!

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