• Debi Crocker

    Oh my!!!! At last you’re coming near here!! golly you’ll be in ERIE!!!!!! What are you planning to do????? how do I figure out the workshop subject!!

    • Donna F

      the easiest way is to get on the e-mail list for Millcreek Sewing and Fabric Shop in Erie. You will get early notice on sign ups. Sometime during the winter. I hope this helps.

  • Debi Crocker

    Wait til you go out to see our Fantastic Penninsula!! One of the nicest beaches on Lake Erie. there is so much to do here!! it’s just a great city!

  • Ruth Craig

    Just heard your coming, can’t wait for your arrival. Hope you have time to take in some of our wonderful City. Waiting with great expection on what you will be presenting on.