Pineapple Peek-a-boo Reverse Applique


Pineapple Peekaboo

We love following trends. In the 70s it was bell bottoms and disco. The 80s brought perms and acid wash to the masses. Grungy jeans and flannel were all the rage in the 90s. And today? Well, it’s all about pineapples!

Pineapples are everywhere in fashion and decor. I’ve seen lamps, socks, earrings, and even a little pineapple-shaped dog house for your pampered pup. The whole world is in love with these golden fruits, and it’s no wonder; pineapples represent sunshine and warmth and far-off adventures.

Pineapple Peekaboo

This week I’m making a reverse applique pineapple quilt using fantastic batiks and my trusty Shark Applicutter. This project is so cool, it will be rocking that tropical vibe long after the pineapple trend has sailed away. Click HERE to watch the tutorial. 

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