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  • Alexander North

    Rob: I have to offer my constructive criticism, Mansewing.com doesn’t seem that “manly” at all. For starters, all your posts say they are written by someone named “Mary”, not a very “manly” name.

    No sexism intended here, but as a new man sewer myself, I’ve struggled to find even simple clothing patterns for men, and when you claim the name ManSewing.com for your website, that leads one to believe that there might actually be something relevant to sewing for men here. Instead, what is found here is basically the same stuff found on any other sewing blog, but with pictures of a man sewing them.

    There are enough quilting blogs my friend. How about a tutorial for sewing some boot cut jeans? A waxed canvas haversack or rifle case, perhaps?

    If a future race of beings, human or otherwise, had to decipher the wardrobes and pastimes of us current-day men, using nothing but a Butterick or Simplicity pattern book, they would conclude all we wear is pajamas, boxer shorts and the occasional Halloween costume or cooking apron. If they had to rely only on this website, they’d conclude all we ever do is make quilts.

    Again, my intention is not to come off as sexist or as a stereotypical male, nor is it to criticize your very fine work. I am, however, attempting to point out the very real fact that there is a MAJOR shortage of tutorials and patterns geared toward sewing things that men actually wear and items associated with activities generally associated with the male of our species.

    It doesn’t mean females would not appreciate this gap in our collective seamstress knowledge being filled. It also does not mean that because you are a man, you should be slamming six packs of Budweiser and sewing Make America Great Again themed clothing (please don’t do that) instead of quilting and making doilies.
    However- by creating a website called ManSewing.com, you have a responsibility to fill, and that is to sew some manly things, at least once and awhile, for the greater good and “man-sewers” in need of good patterns and tutorials everywhere.