Folded Strips Bag

Create a folded strip bag with Rob

There are hundreds of bag patterns out there, but when I make a tote, I don’t settle for ordinary. It’s got to look great, and it’s got to be tons of fun to make.

Create a folded strip bag with Rob

This week, I grabbed a jelly roll, ironed the pieces into narrow, multi-layered strips, and started zig-zagging like a madman. It’s a unique construction, but the result is a cool, durable bag that is unlike anything you’ve seen before!

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4 Replies to “Folded Strips Bag”

  1. O.K. I got a bag finished. I posted pictures below. Here is my take. It did take a while to iron all of the strips. I used different zigzag widths sewing the strips together (no one could tell with the pattern I used), but as Rob says 4 is the best. I don’t know if it was mentioned, however after cutting the top even, stay stitch at the top. Because even if you back stitched, it will be gone and I found some of the strips were coming undone. I was going to use a bias maker but found since I had already cut them strips 2 1/2″, it wouldn’t work. Next time though I will use the bias makers.

    I laminated the inside. It was a pain as I had to cut and piece some of it, but all in all I will be able to wipe it down. When I made the box corner, I did it to the outside, folded it up and as one person had suggested, sewed a nice colorful button on each side. I was going to make a button hole, which would have taken it to another level, but with the laminate it was a pain. I probably stitched at the top on the handle more then suggested, however I can carry a lot of things in this bag and wanted to be extra careful about the handle being able to withstand the weight.

    Bottom line. My daughters will either want this bag or want me to make one for them. That is a success.

    1. Hi Enchanted,
      This is beautiful. I love the button! I thought the same thing where the strips may separate. What do you mean laminated? Also, did you use the entire jelly roll? I am cutting my own strips so I wanted to know if I should plan on 42.


      1. Hi Diana,

        Thank you. I think I used about 32 strips. This is a fairly good sized bag and I didn’t want it to become too unmanageable. What I used is called vinyl fuse. You can get it at wal-mart or joanns. It comes on a roll and it is usually found where the interfacing is in the store (it is in a peach colored box usually). (sometimes not) It is an adhesive. I just cut it off the roll and laid it out on the fabric. Since it isn’t as wide as the bag, I had to piece it. That wasn’t too hard to do but you have to make sure the ends overlaps a bit. Then it is ironed in place using a piece of cloth to place over it before ironing or else you may get it all over the iron (been there done that) I really like the button look and was really pleased when I found the strips were even . (LOL)

        Bag like this, at least for me are great gift ideas. Everyone wants one. Have fun!!

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