Sewing Machine Maintenance Tutorial

This is the Best Sewing Machine Maintenance Tutorial from Rob Appell of Man Sewing!

Messy stitches. Loose threads. Clanking metal. Lint clogs. When you’re in the quilting groove, there’s nothing more frustrating than an out-of-whack sewing machine. Luckily, there are a few tips and techniques that can get your machine up and running in no time, and Rob is just the guy to show you how! In fact, he gets pretty excited about taking care of his machines!

This week Rob has released a series of three video tutorials to guide you through do-it-yourself repair and maintenance. He’ll also help you diagnose problems that require professional attention. With over 15 years of experience as a sewing machine technician, you can count on Rob to give you the inside scoop!

Click on the image below to see all three Machine Maintenance tutorials!


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7 Replies to “Sewing Machine Maintenance Tutorial”

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  2. I have an old Kenmore [1983] that takes oil in places and it is still going strong. Work horse. My sister gave me an old viking [Husqvarna motor- but younger I believe than the Kenmore] with tons different stitches on switchable touch plates- no places to put oil- It is locked up tight. There is no LOCAL place that services the latter…. All that said- if you have any advice for those particular machines 🙂 What I would appreciate on a tutorial is NEEDLES- what to use when- how long do they last – how can I tell visually? Sewing is expensive enough- but the thought of it getting more with needle replacement too –

  3. I am an upjholsterer. For the past 30 years i have used my Pfaff commercial machine. I recently have gotten into crafts and broke down and got a cheap little Singer (new) that i immediately regretted. I was expecting a smoothe, quiet stitch and it is clangy and rattley. I hear metal on metal. I can’t believe this could be right. Anyhow, i will be taking it to my repair guy soon. To the point, do you (or can you) recommend a not-alot-of-frills machine? I just watched your tutorials on timing, tension and cleaning. Thanks for the information. Your energy is just perfection!

  4. I have been sewing in various capacities for 60 years probably. I learned on a treadle machine. I recently got a Brother for Christmas that I love. It is one of the cheaper models but I sew a lot, have made several quilts and other articles with it. My daughter has one too and we think it does a great job. it has digital stitching that I use periodically especially on Christmas presents, but it pretty basic for the most part. You can get them at Wal -Mart and it is probably one of the better machines I have had down through the years of which there have been many both cheap and expensive.

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