6 Replies to “Weighted Pincushion and Scrap Bag”

  1. I might try using In-R-Form Plus Double Sided Fusible Foam Stabilizer for it to hold it’s form.

  2. I used paper covered floral wire instead of the boning–was an impromptu alternative so I did not have to leave the house.

  3. This what I made I made the bag a little larger I didn’t think that the pin cushion should be too, I used the strap that is wrapped around cardboard, and I used play sand to fill it. I put a pocket on it so it could hold my notions that I use all the time great tut, I seen others on this one and this is the easiest to follow thanks Rob

  4. this is so fat quarter friendly. I made 2 units from 2 fat quarters. be sure to cut pin cushion and hinge first. not all fat quarters are the same. took about 1 1/2 hours to make both.

  5. I would like to know how much material I need and if there is written directions for this project. Thanks.

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