Hypnotic Hexagons Quilt

Hypnotic Hexagons


Once upon a time, a simple little jelly roll dreamed of becoming a stately hexagon. “You’re dreaming!” chided his fellow precuts. “You’ll never be anything better than a Jelly Roll Race (not that there is anything wrong with that)!”

Hypnotic Hexagon Quilt

Little did they know, that jelly roll was about to be stitched into strip sets. And those strips sets were sliced into cool, stripey triangles. And what do you think happened to those triangles? Well, they were carefully arranged into the coolest hexagons you ever did see. And they lived happily ever after as a totally awesome quilt.

Hypnotic Hexagon Quilt

Moral of the story? You can create some pretty cool stuff out of 2.5-inch strips of fabric. Click HERE to learn how to make your own Hypnotic Hexagons quilt!

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