How to Travel the Man Sewing Way!

Man Sewing gives me a lot of fun opportunities to travel and I’ve become a bit of an expert, if I do say so myself. Traveling can be cumbersome and draining, or it can be smooth sailing. I prefer to make things as easy as possible on myself and plan ahead. I’ve even used quite a few of my own tutorials to whip up some awesome accessories to carry along with me wherever I go. So take my advice, the extra suitcase is worth it to carry along the comforts of home.

Useful Travel Tips from Rob Appell of Man Sewing!

My travel must-haves include:

  • A tablet. This incredible device has just about everything I need to keep myself entertained, whether it’s with a book, videos, or music. Plus, it includes maps and email, to keep me connected. Did you know, tablets don’t even have to be stowed before the plane takes off, so I get extra time to chill.

Useful Travel Tips from Rob Appell of Man Sewing

  • Noise-cancelling headphones. Carve out a little piece of privacy with these lightweight, high quality headphones. And they don’t drain your battery life because they attach the old school way, with a cord.
  • My personalized coffee kit. I’m pretty particular about the way I like my java, so I skip the Starbucks line and whip up my own fresh batch of brew with a French press travel mug. It’s a total lifesaver. It also allows me to carry along energy bars and muesli too, which I can eat hot or cold. Watch my Kraft-Tex Coffee Kit Tutorial HERE

Kraft-Tex Coffee Kit Tutorial with Rob Appell of Man Sewing

  • A yoga mat. Every morning I like to start my day off with a zen moment. This yoga mat fits in my suitcase and goes everywhere I go. Did you know that some airports even have yoga rooms? I couldn’t believe it myself!
  • A Man Sewing water bottle. I don’t go anywhere without it! Stay hydrated with this rugged, stainless steel, wood-finish water bottle by Rockit. Keep it empty on the way into the airport, go through security, and then fill it up for the rest of your trip.

Rob Appell at Quilt Market 2016 with his Man Sewing water bottle.

  • My knitting tool caddy. When the urge to create strikes me, I’m always ready. Knitting is a great way to pass the time when I’m traveling, and it keeps me calm when the road might get a little rough. Learn how to make your own knitting tool caddy HERE

Knitting Tool Caddy Tutorial by Rob Appell of Man Sewing

  • A power adapter. Do NOT forget this handy item! Stay charged up between flights and keep yourself from getting bored while traveling. There’s nothing worse than running out of battery life at the beginning of a long flight.

Before you hop on that plane, remember, a Man Sewing trip is much more fun than just a regular trip. Traveling can be a lot easier when you have the essentials. Catch you later!

Bonus Video: Project Preview

Take a peek at the projects Rob has been working on and is filming in Hamilton this week! We can’t wait to get these fun tutorials out to you, we hope you love them as much as we do!