FMQ Skills and Drills: Circle Grid Motif

If you love exact measurements, rules, and instructions, it can be hard to let loose with Free Motion Quilting. How do you know if you’re doing it “right?” Where should you stitch next? How many swirls is the right number of swirls?

FMQ Circle Grid

Luckily, the Circle Grid Motif is the perfect mix of creativity and structure. You’re working on a grid, so all you have to do is swoop from point A to point B. And swoop by swoop, your FMQ confidence will grow – and your quilt will look awesome. Click HERE to watch the tutorial!

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Mandala Quilt Tutorial

Mandala Quilt Tutorial from Man Sewing!

Mandala Quilt Tutorial from Man Sewing!

Rob’s got a new Mandala Quilt on board, and man, is it easy! The secret? A couple of orange peel templates, fusible web, and Ombre Yardage by V & Co. for Moda Fabrics.

Mandala Quilt Tutorial from Man Sewing!

This cool variegated fabric creates tons of dimension – all you have to do is cut and paste!  You’ll also get a great lesson on using the satin stitch to finish off your applique. Click on the button below to get all the supplies you need and watch the tutorial!

Mandala Quilt Tutorial from Man Sewing!

The Strata Flower Quilt Tutorial!

strata flower pinnable

Did you know that daffodils can be made into an alzheimer’s-fighting drug, marigolds can be used as pest repellent, and sunflowers remove poisons such as arsenic and lead from the ground? Talk about flower power!

And today we’re introducing you to another flower that packs a serious punch, The Strata Flower. This quilt is bold and beautiful, and combines elements from Rob’s classic strata quilt with a fool-proof method for easy applique.


Click on the button to watch the tutorial and learn how to make your own Strata Flower Quilt!

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