Workshop Apron Tutorial

Make a Workshop Apron with Leg Straps!

Love getting lost in your work? Today’s new project will allow you to really dive in without getting too dirty.

Make a Workshop Apron with Leg Straps!

Rob’s Workshop Apron splits and fastens at the legs to give you extra protection and great mobility. Home mechanics, painters, clay artists, and crafters of all varieties would be lucky to find this apron underneath their Christmas tree (hint, hint). Click on the button below to watch the tutorial and make your own workshop apron!

Make a Workshop Apron with Leg Straps!

DIY Cell Phone Charging Station Tutorial – Easy Sewing Tutorial with Rob Appell

rob charging station

This is a tutorial for something that everyone needs or wishes they had.  It would make a great gift too, just in time for Father’s Day or you’re looking for a great functional gift for a teenager (boy or girl)!  It’s a charging station for your favorite electronic devices, whether it’s your cell phone, iPod, MP3 player or tablet.

Find all the details here:

Transcript Coming Soon!