Cork Wallet FREE Printable

You may know that Rob is crazy for cork! After he created his first Streamline Cork Wallet this spring, he started dreaming up ways to keep using it! He’s made a Foldover Bag and has a few more projects in the works, but he just couldn’t stop creating cork wallets. The cork fabric is water resistant and wears very similarly to leather, making it a great choice for projects that get a lot of wear and tear.


While back in Hamilton to film a round of Man Sewing tutorials, Rob made a guest appearance on Missouri Star Quilt Co.’s Facebook Live, and shared a quick tutorial for a wallet made completely out of cork! This project is a quick and easy present for that special guy in your life just in time for the holidays! 

Click HERE for the FREE Cork Wallet printable.


Watch the Facebook Live tutorial below!


Streamline Wallet made with Cork Fabric

Make a Streamline Wallet with Rob

Cork fabric is made from the bark of the cork oak tree. And the cool thing is, these trees are able to regenerate their bark, consuming massive amounts of carbon dioxide in the process. Talk about “green!”

Make a Streamline Wallet with Rob

The fabric is waterproof and stain resistant. It wears like leather and is super lightweight and durable. In short, it’s the perfect choice for my Streamline Wallet.  Click HERE to learn how to make this cool little project!

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