Tool Pouch Tutorial

Do you struggle to keep track of your sewing supplies? You are not alone!

A tidy workspace is the dream, but we all know things can get a little messy when you’re in the middle of a project. Scissors get lost under piles of fabric. Pins roll off the table. Seam rippers hide under the edge of the machine. It’s chaos!

Keep your sewing supplies organized and accessible with Rob’s new Tool Pouch. It has pockets and a trash holder, and it hangs right under the sewing machine! Click HERE to watch the video tutorial!

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Sewing Machine Cover

There is danger lurking in your sewing room. (Insert dramatic dun, dun, DUN!!!)

You may not notice at first, but it’s there. Tiny particles of dust, fluff, and even pet hair are floating in the air—and they’re headed straight for your sewing machine.

Those little bits of “stuff” can clog and damage the inner workings of your machine. That’s why it’s so important to protect it with a custom sewing machine cover.

Click HERE to learn how to make a sewing machine cover that looks awesome and fits like a glove. It’s a quick, easy way to keep that machine running smoothly for years to come!


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Canvas Firewood Carrier

On the hunt for a cool, unique DIY gift? Rob’s Canvas Firewood Carrier is calling your name! Cuz no matter who you’re sewing for, you can bet Santa’s beard they love a crackling fire.

This log carrier is super simple – just some canvas yardage and a couple of dowels, but when you load that puppy up, you’ll be hauling logs like Paul Bunyan himself. Click HERE to watch the tutorial!

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Pot Holders

Yep, it’s true. Real men sew. But that’s not all. We cook, too!

Some slave over 5-course feasts, and some stick to frozen pizza, but all of us need a cool, custom potholder to protect our manly hands.

Rob’s new potholder pattern allows you to slide your hand right inside, and it can be made with fabric of any style: Classic cars, galloping stallions, Star Wars, sports prints, you name it!

If you’re looking for a killer gift idea, this is it! Throw in a matching Applique Tea Towel or a BBQ Utility Apron, and you’ll be the king (or queen) of the Christmas exchange. Click HERE to watch the tutorial!

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Quilted Bag

Have you been following along with Rob’s free motion quilting tutorials? If so, we hope you have a huge stack of stitch-covered practice pieces.

But…what do you do with all those scraps? Don’t even think about throwing them away! Instead, transform them into a quick and easy tote bag that is super useful and totally unique. Click HERE to watch the tutorial.

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Tool Roll Up

If you love to make stuff, chances are you have a lot of gear. Maybe it’s crochet hooks. Maybe paintbrushes. Maybe screwdrivers or art pencils or leather tooling stamps.

Whatever your craft, you can keep your gadgets safe and organized with a custom roll up case. Click HERE to learn how to make it!

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Make a Basic Bow Tie with Rob

Basic Bow Tie

Men’s formal wear can be a bit of a snooze-fest, but it hasn’t always been that way.

During the 1700s, fashion-forward dudes wore vivid colors, lots of embroidery, elaborate hair pieces, and even high heels. That’s a far cry from the basic black of the modern tailored suit.

Basic Bow Tie

Now, I’m not lining up for lacy cuffs or powdered wigs any time soon, but I do like to add a little personality to my outfit with a custom bow tie. Click HERE to learn how it’ done!

Spa Kit Tutorial


Listen up, quilters: It’s time to pamper yourself. I’ve worked up a simple little spa kit that’ll keep you calm even after a long session with the seam ripper.

The weight of the Eye Pillow releases tension in your facial muscles. It relaxes your eyes and soothes headaches – especially after being cooled in the freezer. Place this puppy on your eyes after a long, busy day, and you’ll be snoozing in no time!


Like the Eye Pillow, the Neckroll Pillow is filled with perfectly weighted poly pellets. It rests on your neck like a koala bear hug – which is exactly what you need after an afternoon of free motion quilting. These projects are a blast to make and so nice to use, you’re going to want to crank out a few extras as gifts. Click HERE to learn how!

Foldover Bag

Make a Foldover Bag with Man Sewing's Rob Appell!


Make a Foldover Bag with Man Sewing's Rob Appell!

I’m here to tell you, no matter who you are, you need a bag! Today I’m working on a lined Foldover Bag with a zippered pocket, a heavy-duty strap, and a super durable cork fabric bottom. This bag would look awesome on a man or woman, and construction is a blast. Click HERE to watch the tutorial!

Make a Foldover Bag with Man Sewing's Rob Appell!

(You may remember that I used cork fabric in my Streamline Wallet tutorial. Cork fabric is a high-quality product, so you pay a little more upfront, but it wears like leather so it’s an investment worth making! Plus, you can order one roll and get two awesome projects out of it!)

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Rare Bear

Make a Rare Bear with Rob

Make a Rare Bear with Rob!

Rare Science is an organization dedicated to giving hope to children with rare diseases. Not only do they pursue cures, they also provide support and comfort to these young patients.

Make a Rare Bear with Rob

Quilters and sewists can lend a helping hand by participating in the Rare Bear program. This week I’ll teach you how to construct a unique teddy bear that will be gifted to a child dealing with a rare disease. It’s a fun, simple way to use our talents for good. Click HERE to watch the tutorial. Click HERE to learn how to become part of the “Rare Bear Army.”

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