Bonus Video: Sea Otters

Here’s another short video for ya! It’s always a cool site to see so many otters swimming around in the bay! Watch this video to get a glimpse of where I live and why I love it!


Bonus Video: Huge Waves in Morro Bay

Many of you know that I’m a surfer when I’m not in the studio working on quilts. The winter swell is moving into Morro Bay and the waves are HUGE!!! Looks like I’ll be sitting this winter out… I hope you have a swell day! 😉

Bonus Video: California Reindeer

In yesterday’s Periscope we had a little fun and did a Christmas craft! What’s more fun than creating reindeer using objects you can pick up on the side of the road? Check out the fun scope here:

Bonus Video: Periscope’s with Rob

We’ve got quite the collection of bonus videos for you and we’re excited to share them here on!

From here on out we’ll be updating the blog weekly with the newest scopes! Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter so you don’t miss a thing! Here are the scopes we have saved so far! We hope you enjoy these bonus videos with Rob as the cameraman!