String Quilt

Check out Rob's tutorial on the String Quilt

Man Sewing creates a sweet new version of a String Quilt!

String quilting is a quick & easy type of foundation piecing. Strips are stitched to a fabric base, and you can get a little crazy with angles and skinny pieces because the foundation keeps everything nice and pucker-free.
Rob Appell makes this neat String Quilt!

This week’s quilt was inspired by the incredible fabric designs of Kaffe Fassett, so of course it’s all about color and movement. I chose to create half square triangles by sewing my strips diagonally on one half of each foundational block. How cool is that? Click HERE to watch the tutorial



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Disappearing Pinwheel

Learn to make the Disappearing Pinwheel with Rob from Man Sewing

Learn to make a NEW variation of the Disappearing Pinwheel with Rob Appell of Man Sewing

I have to admit, this project did not originate in my own imagination. I actually got the idea from Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Piecing isn’t usually my thing; I’m more of an applique guy, but these “disappearing” blocks set my creative juices on fire. This quilt is easy, intricate, and just plain awesome.



Here is a FREE Downloadable PDF:


Learn to make the NEW Disappearing Pinwheel with Rob Appell of Man Sewing!


Click HERE to watch the tutorial!



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Krystal Mandala Quilt

Krystal Mandala with Rob Appell of Man Sewing

Learn to make The Krystal Mandala Quilt

The Krystal Mandala is all about straight lines and angles; it’s even finished with straight-line quilting. This is the perfect quilt to keep your little superheroes cozy as they dream of defeating the bad guys! Click HERE to watch the vid!

Krystal Mandala with Rob Appell

Click HERE for your free downloadable PDF!

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Purl & Loop Loom

I quilt. I sew. I knit and dye and embroider. And today? Today I weave! I’m a lover of fiber art in all its forms, and I’m always on the lookout for cool materials and interesting textures and colors. This week I was inspired by Missouri Star’s new collection of yarn and an awesome little Purl & Loop loom, and right away I knew I had to put together a basic weaving tutorial.

In today’s video, I’ll run you through the basics of loom weaving including fringe vs. no fringe, thin vs. thick yarn, and even a few time-saving tips. Click HERE to watch the free tutorial! 

Purl and Loop Looms

3D Flower Using Fabric


Today’s tutorial is blooming with fun! Have you ever bought fresh flowers, only to enjoy them for a week before they start wilting and smelling horrible? Rob’s fun 3D Fabric Flower solution will help eliminate the hassle of fresh flowers, and they’re so fun to make!!

Check out the free tutorial HERE!

3D Flowers and Leaves Pinnable


Well folks, 2016 is finally here and we have a list of awesome tutorials for you! The first one for the year is the Quillow tutorial! Learn how to make a quilt that folds into a pillow HERE!

Free quilting tutorial!


New Tutorial: Traveling Coffee Kit

Did you have a great Thanksgiving? I sure did! Nothing better than a relaxing weekend with family and friends! I’m back to work though and today’s new tutorial will help me get through the week, every week! Today’s new tutorial is a Traveling Coffee Kit! (Although it can be made for anything! Tea, crafts, embroidery, first aid, anything!) Check out the tutorial HERE to learn all about Kraft-tex and how to make a cool traveling pouch!

Free sewing tutorial!