Q&A: Meet Rob Appell!

Now that you’ve made it to mansewing.com, you’re probably wondering, who is this Rob guy and what on earth does ‘man sewing’ mean?  Well, we thought it would be best for you to hear from the man himself, so we want to share this little Q&A with you.  Meet Mr. Man Sewing, Rob Appell!


Who is Rob Appell?   I’m a guy with boundless energy and enthusiasm for life and creativity. I love God, my wife, son and daughter. I enjoy waking up excited each day to see what lies ahead. I’m happiest when I’m outside or in my studio. I have been told that I inspire others and for that I feel very blessed.

When you’re not sewing, what are you doing?  My wife, kids, pets and I all love to be active and outdoors. My favorites are surfing and skateboarding, playing guitar, hiking and cooking.

Does your family sew?  Yes, my family all likes to sew. My kids spend a good deal of time with me in my studio and they work folding brochures and rolling fabrics for their weekly commissions.

Rob Family

What is your favorite place in the world to visit?  I can’t say I have been there yet. I love the tropics; the laid back feel and lack of clothes suits me well. I love to travel, so I can chase surf and go on killer hikes. My best trip so far, other than my honeymoon of course, was a hike with Michael Steiner of Michael Miller Fabrics. We met in Kauai and hiked the Napali Coast over four days. It had been on my bucket list for years and the day we hiked was my one year anniversary of no more alcohol in my life.

What kind (model) of machine do you use?  Pfaff – When we owned a quilt shop, we were also Pfaff dealers. I was the technician that became an avid quilter.

Where do you get your inspiration for new projects?  Ever stick your finger in a light socket?  It’s kind of like that. I see or hear something that excites my creative soul and off I go.  A lot of my hobbies are big influences as you will see in the first several tutorials.

What is your favorite project you’ve ever created?  The quilt entitled, “And the Flag was Still There,” depicting the big waving flag with the Marine memorial of Iwo Jima. It was created to raise money for Operation Homefront, but I met a much deeper side of myself during the process. It was a struggle through which my faith and talents as a designer grew. It’s the only project I have ever given away and it’s a great opportunity to raise a ton of money for our Veterans. This quilt will be up for auction soon.

And The Flag Was Still There

What have you learned along the way?  To be a gentleman, to speak honestly when offering advice in a workshop, to be the butt of my own jokes and try to uplift everyone I meet with silly stories, high energy and a big heart.

What is Man Sewing?  Well, I am a man who loves to sew and I’m proud of it. I’m passionate about sewing and creativity and have a desire to teach, so I want to share my passion with you. Is Man Sewing just for men? Absolutely not. I’m just a man who sews. It’s going to be high voltage edu-tainment at its finest. Where creativity meets caffeine. Welcome to Man Sewing!

Coming Soon!

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COMING SOON: A brand new YouTube channel featuring Rob Appell, master of quilting and sewing machine technician! This is where creativity meets caffeine. High voltage edu-tainment at its finest, all in the name of Man Sewing. Stay tuned!

Rob in tshirt