• Lynn Vogeley

    Too bad the widget for the giveaway doesn’t work.

  • Kathy Jane Lattimore

    Could you fix the widget to the giveaway please

  • Eileen Wilson

    I’m not sure what a widget is, but the link to it doesn’t work.

  • Deb Thill

    Widget not working…please fix it

  • Scott Windsor

    Rolling on the floor laughing. I think you broke your widget.

  • Intan Nurfah

    pleasee fix the widget

  • Sherry Watkins

    Let us know when you get your little ‘widget’ fixed

  • Pat Riemenschneider

    Love the quilt but your widget does not work!

  • Laura Feldhans

    Don’t know what a widget is.. But think it’s not working correctly.. Did not do anything when I clicked on the widget. Love your tutorials it would be AWESOME to win this quilt. Can you enter more than once?

  • Sandy Marton

    wow I thought I was the only one the widget didn’t work for. Love your tutorials and would love to win that beautiful quilt

  • Kristin Myers

    I thought I was the only one the widget didn’t work for. Let me know when the widget is fixed

  • darleene

    Love love this quilt. Will have to make one for one of my grand daughter. I should mention, that I have quilted less than a year and that you taught me to fmq.

  • Mary Rowan

    Love this quilt and would love to win it! The widget to this giveaway not working correctly.

  • Scott Windsor

    I see you got your widget fixed and it seems to be working fine now.

  • Vickie Walker

    You’re always so happy, full of life and positive,, makes me feel the same everytime I See you and your videos.. Thank you for who you are and please stay the same.. When down.. you is who I want to see.. 🙂 HUGS

  • Kathy R Hartwell

    Love this quilt. Keep up the positive attitude. You make learning something new exciting.